Blade Flurry Inquisitor Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers



Ascendancy (Templar – Inquisitor)

  1. Righteous Providence
  2. Inevitable Judgement
  3. Instruments of Virtue
  4. Augury of Patience

Righteous Providence will improve your Critical Strikes, and this is the first step in transitioning to Critical Strikes.

Inevitable Judgement is the reason Inquisitor is so powerful; ignoring enemy Elemental Resistances with Critical Strikes is very powerful, especially against bosses.

Augury of Patience provides great balance between defense and offense.

Instruments of Virtue will provide additional Attack Speed and Attack damage.


For this specific build we should help Alira in Act II. The critical multiplier, flat mana regeneration, and 15% all elemental resistances are stronger than the 2 passive skill points.


Major: All major Pantheon powers can be beneficial for the build, although Soul of Solaris is probably the best choice in general.

Minor: Same as major Pantheons, all minor ones are useful for the build. We recommend Soul of Gruthkul, which improves physical damage mitigation.

Pantheon powers can be upgraded by using Divine Vessel in the Map Device while you are activating the particular Map that contains the boss you need. Once you’ve killed the boss and captured his soul, you need to deliver the vessel to Sin in Oriath.

Main Page / TL;DR


    Revisited and updated for Delirium 3.10. The build will still be very solid but requires gear investment.


    Revisited and updated for Metamorph 3.9. The build gets a buff via the changes to weapon elemental damage mods.


    Revisited and updated for Blight 3.8. The build remains the same with the exception of a slight nerf via changes to Pulverise Support. The damage output remains as solid as before.


    Build added.

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