Caustic Arrow CI Trickster Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers




This build is not currently updated for Scourge league. We will attempt to play it once the league is live and, if still viable, update this guide.


If you’re going from Life-Based Caustic Arrow Caustic Arrow to CI/ES CA nothing really changes. If you’re using Toxic Rain Toxic Rain as single target while you’re gearing up while life-based, you may want to consider Weave the Arcane over Prolonged Pain as you’ll want the attack and cast speed and Mana recovery and it adds a bit more utility.

Ascendancy Order for Softcore

In softcore we have the luxury of focusing on damage over survivability, so you can route through your ascendancy as such:

  1. Patient Reaper
  2. Prolonged Pain
  3. Ghost Dance
  4. Escape Artist

Ascendancy Order for Hardcore

If you’re playing HC and don’t wish to rely solely on the Brine King pantheon for your stun mitigation, then you can use this order:

  1. Patient Reaper
  2. Ghost Dance
  3. Escape Artist
  4. Prolonged Pain


You’ll assist Eramir for 2 additional Skill Points, so kill all.


These are modular based on personal preference, or where you are in your gearing process.


  • Brine King – You may want this until you make the transition to CI/ES as it will provide an extra layer of mitigation against stuns. When you’re life-based, your pool of ES will be routinely burned off/depleted, removing the default 50% chance to ignore stuns provided by having any amount of ES.
  • Solaris – When you’ve made the change to CI/ES, use this to have additional Physical and Elemental mitigation and to avoid multiple critical strikes occurring to your character in a 4-second window.


  • Ryslatha – Grants increased life flask recovery when a life flask is used on low life in addition to life flask generation during sustained dangerous single target encounters when you are life-based.
  • Ralakesh and Gruthkul are useful once you are CI/ES.

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