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Act I (1) Overview

You awake from a recent shipwreck waterlogged and clinging to life. This is where you begin your journey as an exile in Wraeclast.

Dispatch the zombie who’s gnawing on your shipmate and pick up your starting skill gem. The in-game tutorial will show you more information about the gem and socket system if you’re brand new.

Halfway down the coast, you’ll find a Large Chest. You’ll want to pick up the support gem that drops from it. Continue down to Hillock.

Hillock is fairly straightforward. He’s a big, slow melee-based unique with a powerful swing. You’ll DPS him down to half health, in which he will reach down and rip a sword from his chest and heal to full. Make sure you conserve your mana flask accordingly. Hillock is easy to kite if you have a ranged ability, and stepping to his side/back can help you avoid a few of his swings as melee.

As soon as you hit town, you’ll turn in Enemy At the Gate and you’ll choose a skill gem reward reward. Next, check the vendor items that are 3-linked and the appropriate colors for your build. Also don’t forget to check for boots with the movement speed mod “Runner’s” while you’re there!

Next you’ll proceed out the door to The Coast. A short walk from the waypoint is Tidal Island. To complete the Mercy Mission quest, you’ll want to head in there to kill Hailrake. Try and isolate Hailrake from other mobs by kiting if you need to. He also has a powerful frontal Glacial Cascade spell which does substantial damage. He has enough mana to cast this up to three times in a row. Stay close to him, even if he retreats so you can easily sidestep the ability, as there is a brief wind-up animation that indicates that he is about to cast the spell. Pick up the Medicine Chest when it drops.

Once he is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.

When you turn in Mercy Mission, you’ll want to pick up a Quicksilver Flask. For your gem reward, choose a support gem that makes sense for your current skill gem or what is recommended by your guide. Mousing over gems in-game will show you a checkmark if it is able to work alongside your current skill gem.

Use the Waypoint in Lioneye’s Watch to return to the Waypoint in The Coast. Proceed to the Mud Flats.

Once you are in the Mud Flats you’ll want to find the three Glyphs hidden in Rhoa Nests. Clear out Rhoas ahead of time, lest they become enraged when you loot their nests and charge you for substantial damage. The nests will be in a roughly equilateral triangle formation in the map, so once you find two, the third should be intuitive to find. There are also small, muddy creeks that wander from nest to nest you can follow as well. Once you have all three Glyphs head northeast until you find the waterwall to The Submerged Passage. You do not need to do the quest in the Fetid Pool unless you are going to need to regret some of your passives

Once you enter the Passage, you will see a waypoint to which you can turn in the Breaking Some Eggs quest. Choose a skill gem as your reward. Remember, you will want to link Onslaught (if you muled or bought it) to a skill gem in order to benefit from it. Some skill gems, such as Orb of Storms are particularly good at this.

I will typically, as portal scrolls allow, find the entrance to the Flooded Depths and leave a portal up. I’ll then proceed through the rest of the zone and find the exit to The Ledge. From there you’ll travel until you reach the waypoint, go to town, then jump back in your portal and complete the Dweller of the Deep Quest by killing the infamous Grand-Daddy Crab. He will summon adds that will use ranged abilities on you while you’re fighting him, so you’ll either want to line of sight them with terrain, or try and take care of them so they don’t overwhelm you.

Once he is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.

Turning in The Dweller of the Deep quest awards you a Book of Skill. This book when used will grant you an additional point on the passive tree.

From The Ledge you’ll proceed to The Climb. If you are loading into a fresh instance of The Climb, the stacked stones near the waypoint show the way to the next area. Don’t forget to rescue Navali if it is a league start! The unique goat boss that guards her has a frontal fire attack you’ll want to avoid. After this you’ll proceed to The Prison.

Take the Waypoint from The Prison back to town and pick up any additional support gems that may be available to you at this time. If you were fortunate enough to get a three link by now, most skill gems can properly utilize it now.

At this point you should fall into a comfortable rhythm of using your primary ability. Don’t forget to do your First Labyrinth Trial, located here as well. There’s an Upper Prison, and The Warden’s Quarters.

After a quick chat with Piety, proceed to The Warden’s Chamber and prepare to fight Brutus. Brutus has several abilities. First is his hook, which will pull you into melee range of him. He will periodically slam the ground dealing AoE damage around him, in addition to slamming the ground to send a frontal cone of damage out. Lastly, he’ll stomp his foot, which will summon spikes from the ground. Some cages will fall to the ground adding a few skeletons to the fight. You will definitely want to have at least one Large Life Flask for this fight as his melee slams do substantial physical damage.

Once he is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.

Once in town, speak to Tarkleigh to turn in The Caged Brute and select a skill gem reward. From town, take the Waypoint to Prisoner’s Gate, which auto-fills when you defeat Brutus. Following the road will only lead you to Piety, who will block your path. Instead, look for the map to naturally bottleneck. Once it opens up again, you’ll be able to locate the entrance to The Ship Graveyard.

This is a big zone, so expect to do some running around. You can choose to complete The Marooned Mariner quest in order to earn a Book of Skill form Fairgraves, which involves The Ship Graveyard Cave side area. Otherwise, locate the waypoint and proceed to The Cavern of Wrath.

Head straight through to The Cavern of Anger and then to Merveil’s Lair. If you are low on health and have not found any decent magic or rare items with a touch of resists, this is a good point to use some of the essences and currency you’ve found along the way to prepare for the fight. If you hit level 12 before encountering Merveil, there’s another assortment of skills available from the vendor. Pick up a skill gem reward from turning in The Siren’s Cadence .

Merveil has been touched up a bit and is a compelling fight at these early levels. She is a gear and damage check as well, introducing new players to the rather punishing damage that can result when you do not have sufficient elemental resistances. You’ll want to make sure you’ve picked up, created, or bought at least one Sapphire Ring before heading into the fight.

Phase one starts with her humanoid form, in which she has three major abilities, an ice barrage of multiple projectiles, an ice storm which rains down projectiles directly over you, and a teleport. She also summons adds in the form of golden statues which are slow but hit for substantial damage.

Phase two begins with her revealing her sea witch form. Her abilities also change. She has a projectile that will pelt you down if you try to range her. If you’re close to her she will have a frontal wave ability that has a wind-up animation, and a screech that will slow you as well as deal moderately high damage to you. Her arena fills with geysers and adds. Be careful of the bright red adds, as they will self-detonate once they are in range of you.

Once she is dead you may portal or logout to return to town, or run out the shattered wooden door behind where she originally stood.


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