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Act II (2) Overview

Proceed north through the forest towards town and immediately head to the right out to The Old Fields. This area contains a side area, The Den. By completing the quest here to kill the bear, you can get another Quicksilver Flask from Yeena. This Quicksilver Flask is significant because the Adrenaline suffix for extra movement speed can be rolled on this one. Once you exit The Den, proceed to The Crossroads.

Follow the road from the entrance of the zone until you get to the way point. From this location, you will see roads which lead North, East, and South. North always leads to the The Chamber of Sin, East always leads to The Broken Bridge and South always leads to The Fellshrine Ruins%/%{color:#9900ff}The Crypt.

You may proceed through these three areas however you wish. Do note that you do not need to complete Through Sacred Ground quest in The Crypt Level 2, as you only enter The Crypt Level 1 in order to complete the Labyrinth Trial located there.

Heading East, you can follow the road to The Broken Bridge. Once in this zone you can continue to follow the road, as it will take you past the waypoint for this area to the bridge where the bandit Kraityn resides. You will either help Kraityn or kill Kraityn for progress on Deal with the Bandits from Eramir and take his Amulet.

Once he is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.

Returning to the Crossroads Waypoint, proceed North towards the The Chamber of Sins. Once inside, locate the waypoint near the ruined map device. Whichever hallway aligns with the waypoint will lead you to the The Chamber of Sins Level 2.

The Labyrinth Trial for this area will usually be found West or North West, and Piety and Fidelitas will be found North East. You can spot the lore book to know you’re headed in the right direction for the trial, and there is a tell-tale L-shaped tile that gives away the correct path to Piety/Fidelitas. If ranged/summons Fidelitas can be caught up in a game of chicken if you lead him to the table and stay on the other side of it from him. Don’t forget to loot the Baleful Gem from the Transmutia device.

Once he is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.

Turn in Intruders in Black to Greust by showing him the Baleful Gem, and choose a skill gem reward.

Now you’ll head West from town to The Riverways. Using a movement skill to cross over the broken bridges, follow the road until you see the waypoint. Near here you will find two trail markers on either side of a ruined/overgrown road.

Follow this overgrown road to the entrance of The Wetlands. This area contains Oak’s fort, whom you will help or kill for progress on Deal with the Bandits for Eramir and take his Amulet. Oak’s fort is located roughly in the center of the map, with the waypoint of the zone found on the outer edge, usually Northeast or Northwest relative to Oak’s fort. Once you obtain this waypoint, return to The Riverways.

Following the paved road from The The Riverways waypoint will lead you to The Western Forest. Once in the The Western Forest follow the road until you see the Waypoint and Torch. This indicates which side of the zone Alira’s camp is on, and by helping or killing her and taking her Amulet. If you have fulfilled Eramir’s quest to Deal with the Bandits, instead of siding with any of the Bandit Leaders, you will be awarded two skill points and when you return to town in lieu of their individual buffs. Bandit choices are never permanent and you can use a vendor recipe to change it later if you feel like you’ve made a mistake.

Follow the road all the way to the Blackguard Encampment and complete The The Way Forward by killing Captain Arteri for the Thaumetric Emblem which removes Piety’s roadblock. This will award you a Book of Skill from Bestel in Act I.

In the opposite direction from Alira’s camp is the Weaver’s Chambers. In a game of hot or cold, the more densely the trees and surrounding shrubbery are smothered in webbing, the closer to her chambers you are.

Once within The Weaver’s Chambers, following the outermost path will normally take you to her boss arena. She will drop Maligaro’s Spike upon defeat. Her fight is fairly straightforward, but you’ll want to make sure you have a clear skill/ability, as there are a lot of adds during this fight and can quickly overwhelm a character that’s only single target-oriented. She hits fairly hard, so make sure you’re using the highest level flasks you can equip.

Once she is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.

Turn in Sharp and Cruel to Silk in town to open up access to a variety of support gems. Take your time to look at Yeena’s inventory after making an initial selection from Silk.

Head back to the Waypoint in the Wetlands, using Maligaro’s Spike & the Baleful Gem to gain access to The Vaal Ruins.

Clear the ruins until you find a strange sphere blocking your path, and click it to proceed across the bridge and out of the zone and toward the The Northern Forest. The darkness that cloaks the Town and map will persist until you find a way to eradicate it!

The The Northern Forest’s waypoint should be somewhat near the entrance to the zone to the right. From here, proceed north until you find The Caverns. I generally follow the right outer map boundary to find the next zone. If you are a brand-new player, you can acquire your first hideout by zoning into The Dread Thicket and looking for Helena.

The Caverns is another large zone with half of it being a cavernous layout, and the entrance to the bottom portion of the Vaal ruins housing the waypoint just inside the door. Continue upwards through the many levels of the pyramid to arrive at The Pyramid Apex, which houses the Vaal Oversoul. After the initial level leading into the Pyramid, every subsequent staircase can be found by following the diagonal from the previous one. By placing The Apex in the pedestal in the ground, you initiate his encounter.

Vaal Oversoul has abilities centered around which of his arms he is currently using. The initial arm will summon adds, which you will want to quickly dispatch to keep him from going underground. When he submerges, he’ll be back after a short time. His Lazer arm can deal pretty significant damage, so you’ll want to walk in a circle around the boss or back and forth through him to avoid being zapped by it. The bludgeoning arm, though very obviously choreographed, can also lead to death if you are not watching for the attack. Rocks fall from the ceiling to encourage you to move around the arena. Standing in them is not advised.

Once he is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.


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