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Act III (3) Overview

Arriving at the waypoint in Act III, make your way to Clarissa and free her from her captors and continue on to Sarn. Once you arrive in Sarn, proceed immediately to The Slums, as you do not need to talk to any NPCs at this point.

Once in The Slums, you’ll be looking for the entrance to The Crematorium. Typically I will follow the left outer map boundary, but there may be more effective methods for finding this zone. Note mentally the location of the sewer grate if you stumble across it. If you clear The Crematorium and return to Sarn quickly, your instance will not have reset and you can head directly to it.

Once in The Crematorium, you’ll want to make sure you complete the Labyrinth Trial Located in this zone. After that, proceed to locate Piety and her Blackguards who will fight you. Her fight at this encounter has not changed, but you may still want to ensure you have some Lightning Resist via a Topaz ring before you face her. Loot the Bracelet from Tolman’s corpse.

Once she retreats you may portal or logout to return to town.

Talk to Maramoa to turn in Lost in Love and choose a skill gem for a reward. These gems usually introduce auras, curses, or other skill gems. Head over to Clarissa and purchase any additional gems you may want, as she will now have a selection in stock.

Clarissa will also give you a Sewer Key, which you will head back to The Slums and unlock the Sewer Grating in order to enter The Sewer.

While in the The Sewer, Hargan wants you to collect Three Platinum Busts. One will always be found prior to getting to the waypoint, and the other two will be beyond the waypoint. After obtaining all Three Platinum Busts, you may turn these into Hargan the next time you are in town.

Exiting The Sewers, you will proceed to The Marketplace. This is a large zone divided into two large halves. Once you obtain the waypoint, proceed into The Catacombs in order to grab your next Labyrinth Trial. When you have completed the trial, you may portal or log out to return to town, then take the waypoint back to The Marketplace.

Find the entrance to The Battlefront by following the right outside boundary as it is usually located in the East or North East area of the zone. Unless you have dire need of a rare ring, ignore the lootable quest box, as it is tied to the Fairgrave’s quest and does not need to be completed.

The Battlefront is a static zone so the waypoint and the lootable container containing The Ribbon Spool will always be in the same location. Grab the spool and head to the northwest corner of the map towards The Docks.

While in The Docks, you are searching for the lootable container which contains Thaumetic Sulphite. Once you have this you may portal or log out to return to town and return to The Battlefront.

Make your way to The Solaris Temple and make your way to Level 2 in order to find and talk to Dialla, and turn in The Gemling Queen, The Ribbon Spool and Fiery Dust quests. Take the amulet reward depending on what stat you need more at the time. With the Infernal Talc in hand, use the waypoint to return to The Sewers, and burn down the blockage. This will allow access to The Ebony Barracks.

Follow the stairs up to where General Gravicius awaits. Though a fairly minor boss, his Firestorm can surprise you if you do not have any fire resistance on your gear. If you’re melee, watch out for his Molten Shell, too. By killing him, you complete the quest Sever the Right Hand. Take whichever quest reward you would like. Proceed to The Temple of Lunaris.

Head to Temple of Lunaris Level 2 to face off against Piety. Long, narrow staircases and big golden double doors always mean you are headed in the right direction. Piety is a bit scarier now since the re-work, and she deals all three elemental damage types, so make sure you top up your resistances as currency, essences and crafts allow. In her human form, her abilities and attacks are the same as you encountered her earlier. Different portals will appear around the arena, and as you are damaging her, you’ll want to destroy any of the portals that are near her. If she touches a blue portal, she will gain the ability to use Ice Shot. While she is using Ice Shot, she will remain stationary, which will allow you to LoS around a corner or behind a pillar. If hiding behind a pillar, precise character placement is needed as Ice Shot has some AoE and you can be hit by the “splash” of damage as the arrow impacts. If Piety touches a red portal, she will gain claw weapons, increased movement speed, and a powerful melee attack which debuffs you. It is recommended to save charges of your Quicksilver Flask to kite her and avoid taking damage from her during this phase. You will get the Tower Key to progress the questline.

Once she is dead you may portal or log out to return to town.

Turning the quest Piety’s Pets into Grigor on the far left side of Sarn will net you another Book of Skill. From here, return to the waypoint for The Ebony Barracks. Follow the right outer map boundary from the waypoint to find the entrance to The Imperial Gardens.

There is quite a bit to do here. The layout is not static but generally speaking, The Library and Labyrinth Trial will be on the left hand side, with the entrance to the Sceptre of God located to the top right of the map.

The Library quest is important if you are wanting to use gems not available to your class. There’s also a selection of gems that will only come from the Library until A6, such as Second Wind.

From here you may choose to do your first Labyrinth Run to get your first Ascendency passives, or wait until a later time, but with the completion of the Labyrinth Trial you will now have Normal Labyrinth unlocked. You access this by returning to Sarn, and clicking on the Statue of the Goddess and the associated Plaque. Once inside this zone, be sure to pick up the waypoint to make it easy to return here in the future.

Proceed to The Sceptre of God, which has several levels and a Waypoint. If this is your first playthrough, don’t forget to interact with the trapped Scion in the Upper Sceptre of God to unlock her as a playable character. Ascend further to the top of the tower and prepare to face Dominus.

For Dominus you really need to make sure you have adequate lightning resistance and a Staunching flask of some sort. His pre-fight adds do a combination of lightning and physical abilities. Dominus’ fight is generally straightforward and has two phases. In his first phase, move out of the way of his channeled lightning spell, move out of his pylons, and if he teleports near you, make sure you get away from him as soon as possible. During this phase he has the infamous ‘Touch of God!’ ability which if you are in melee range of him, it will not end well for you. His second phase is a little more straightforward. You will have to stay under his bubble, or staunch off any bleeds if you must leave the bubble for any reason. You’ll be facetanking several melee hits while under the bubble, so be sure to not spam your life flasks but use them smartly and sparingly to make sure you can last the entirety of the fight.

Once he is dead you can instantly proceed to the next area, and can ignore Dialla.


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