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Act V (5) Overview

After what is clearly not a terminator rip-off entrance you have now made it to Act V! Huzzah! I would consider Act V the first “scary” act due to the fact that both the mobs and the bosses in this zone are very unforgiving. The mobs in general deal a lot of physical damage, and if you are leveling quickly, you may start to notice you are getting stunned/chunked a lot more. If you have found a Granite flask at this point, make sure you’re using it!

The Slave Pens is the first zone in Act V, and the waypoint is just inside where you start. You must fight your way through The Slave Pens to find and defeat Overseer Krow, who is fairly harmless as long as you don’t eat all of his lightning bubbles for breakfast. Once defeated, a ladder will drop down granting access to The Overseer’s Tower, which is the town for Act V.

Once in town you’ll turn in Return to Oriath. Pick whichever ring that will cap you your resistances.

You’ll head to Control Blocks to then continue your journey. You’ll be searching for The Miasmeter for Vilenta, and Justicar Casticus. This zone, which I believe is somewhat static, can be annoying to navigate. Luckily, if you’ve got a blink/travel skill that can traverse gaps/terrain, you can skip across the long hallways rather than being forced to walk up and down them. Simply look for sections of the fence/guard rail that are not intact and you should be able to pass right through them!

The Miasmeter will be tucked away in a box in the middle far left-ish area of the map, and the Justicar will be top right. When you defeat him, you gain the Eyes of Zeal and will now be able to access the high templar courts.

Proceed out of the Control Blocks to Oriath Square. This is a static zone so remembering relative locations will help you understand where everything is! The Templar Courts are in the top right of the map. You can blindly head in that direction and fight your way there, or, if you follow the left outer map boundary, it will take you past two future locations you will journey to later in the act. In the first square on the left hand side you will see some scaffolding with some barricades blocking it off. This is the eventual entrance for The Cathedral Rooftop and will always be here. Following the zone across the bridges, the second area to the left will have a building with some barricades in front of it, this is the eventual entrance for The Ossuary and will always be here. If you hit tab and view your zone, if you head to the right from where you started instead, that is how you get to The Reliquary. You can screenshot this layout to consult after your encounter with High Templar Avarius.

Once you get to The Templar Courts, use the Eyes of Zeal to gain access to the area. As per most of the act, the mobs here do a lot of physical and elemental damage and you should make sure your life flasks are the highest available and potentially try to roll a Seething or Bubbling flask as alterations allow. Also when you turn in The Key to Freedom, you will be able to grab a flask reward. If you do not have blind in your build/ascendancy, I recommend picking up the Stibnite flask, as the Smoke Cloud/Blind is useful in a boss fight later on.

Make your way through The Templar Courts until you find The Chamber of Innocence. This is a large zone and I will typically follow the outer map boundary in an anti-clockwise fashion until I’m able to recognize the tile that leads to The Sanctum of Innocence.

The Innocence Fight is two fights in one, with some mechanics carrying over from stage one to stage two. A lot of the abilities in both stages have very obvious voice cues so sound is recommended even if you normally play without. The first stage of the fight is against High Templar Avarius, who is the living vessel for Innocence. He has a few basic attacks, most of which are choreographed and easy to spot. “Kneel!” is the voice line associated with Divine Slam, which does moderate AoE damage. “Burn!” is a Projectile attack that has a very obvious cast animation and can be sidestepped. “Rise!” means one of the large statues has been activated and will be making its way over to you. Be careful of their melee swing. At predetermined thresholds both Avarius and Innocence will teleport to the center of the chamber and become immune to damage during the add phase. Important Trivia is that there is a total of 10 sets of adds per immunity phase, and while not super important to SRS, other builds that rely on well timed cooldowns like Lightning Spire Trap can count the adds and prepare accordingly. After you defeat Avarius, Innocence emerges from his mortal vessel and he is not very happy with you. You think mortal vessels just grow on trees?

Innocence has five major abilities which include voice cues, and one very lethal one that does not. “I am the Torch!” is a channeled scorching-ray like bean that rapidly stacks damage. You can either run from this with aid of a movement flask, or if there is an unactivated statue nearby, you can hide behind it, which will keep the beam from damaging you. “I am the End!” is the voice cue for the delayed blast, which starts as a glyph on the floor and then detonates its area of effect after a short time. You should never stand in this. “I am the Storm!” is the voice cue for his divine call, which conjures 5 fiery projectiles that will rain down on a certain area and is easily avoided. “I am your God!” is probably the softest voice cue out of all of them. Especially depending on what else is going on it can be very easy to miss this one. This cue is for the so-called ‘bullet hell’ projectile attack he does. He will channel for a short time, releasing a sphere which floats to the ground. When it explodes, it unleashes several concentric rings of projectiles that will kill you, sometimes even if just one hits you, definitely if you get hit by two+. There are three things you can do. The safest is to use a portal and exit the arena in order to use your immunity period to avoid damage. The second is to hide behind a deactivated statue, as they, like the Torch ability, will block the damage. However, position is key. The projectiles explode when they contact things and if you are too close to the statue, or on one side or the other you may inadvertently fall victim to this splash damage. The final method, if you are brave, is to run to the other side of the arena and play frogger. It looks a bit like this:
Like Avarius, Innocence has his add phases as well, which will help refill flask charges.

Once Innocence is down you do not need to interact with Sin. Exit the bottom right door to be taken back to the beginning of the Chamber of Innocence and after a verbal lashing from Bannon, exit to what is now The Torched Courts. Follow roughly the same pattern of ‘outside and over’ to get to The Ruined Square.

Now you can refer to your earlier screen shot. Head to The Ossuary, as the waypoint for this zone is located just outside the door. While you are in The Ossuary, retrieve the Sign of Purity from the Tomb of the First Templar.

Once the staff is in your possession, you may portal or log out to return to town. Here you’ll want to manage a few quest turn ins, namely the Death of Purity quest from killing Innocence.

Next, use your screenshot reference to head all the way back down and over to The Reliquary in order to complete the Kitava’s Torments quest. These are located in the “corners” of the map. Once you have the last one, portal or log out to return to town and turn in the quest for a Book of Skill.

You do not need to complete the quest The King’s Feats by killing Utula unless you need a specific jewel reward from killing him, such as Poacher’s Aim.

Now, return to The Ruined Square, following the edge of the map back down to the main square to The Cathedral Rooftop which is now a zone you can enter. Make your way along the rooftop until you arrive at The Cathedral Apex which houses Kitava.

Kitava is a difficult fight, especially for newer players. A lot of his abilities are extremely unforgivable, and unlike Innocence, there are no voice cues. First he has a Punch ability, which happens when you are in melee range of him. This one still gets me from time to time. It’s quick and does massive damage. When you are farther away from him, he does a Slam ability instead, which looks similar to Punch, but creates a shockwave cone you must avoid. Swipe is another ability of his, where he drops his arm and swipes across the arena. It is slow and can be outrun, or you can flame dash through it to the other side. If you are standing at max range from him, Kitava will routinely use Throw Debris to lob wooden boards at your location. Devouring Darkness occurs when he creates a zone of degen with slowly moving projectiles that creep across the arena leaving a very fatal degen if you stand in their area of effect. This makes the boss fight much harder as now you must plan how to avoid his mechanics with less space in the arena to maneuver. Lastly, there’s the X-Blast ability which is a series of X-shaped areas marked on the ground that Kitava will activate a short time later. This can sometimes overlap with Devouring Darkness which can leave very little of the arena “safe.”

Kitava also has a phase where his heart is blasted out of his chest and lands on the arena. This period is very dangerous as well as the adds spawned during this encounter can be incredibly deadly and also deal massive amounts of damage. The unique adds are mini bosses. Using the aforementioned Stibnite flask to create a smoke cloud and blind the heart adds can help trivialize this phase.

While the mechanics of the fight are easy, there are no cute tips or tricks here to negate certain mechanics or otherwise make the boss fight easier. You have to learn the appropriate responses or mitigations for each ability, prepare accordingly, and react and execute those times with a high degree of accuracy. A new player with low damage will, in softcore, likely die several times to this encounter. That’s okay. Don’t get discouraged.

Once you have defeated Kitava, Sin will return you to Oriath. Note that your resistances have been lowered as a result of your encounter with Kitava and now it will take more investment into resistances to remain at cap. Talk to Lily to head back to Wraeclast.



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