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Story Part II

Well, now any semblance of training wheels are off. The next five acts in part two are brutal, difficult, and dangerous. If you have been paying attention to mechanics and investing into your resistances and gear, you will have a much easier time. However, there are plenty who will skip certain encounters for later, such as the other various Pantheon Gods that are not part of the main Questline, opting instead to get some levels and come back to the content when they are much higher leveled and much better geared to make it easier and/or safer. I will write the guide as if you are doing these quests in order at the appropriate time, but I will note that you can save it for later before each one if this sounds more like your cup of tea. Act VI and VII take time but from VIII on, you will be able to move along a bit more quickly.

Act VI (6) Overview

Some builds will require you to unlock Lily as a gem vendor by completing her quest, Fallen From Grace, which requires you to clear out all the undead from the Twilight Strand. Make sure you explore and clear thoroughly, as it can be quite a drag to run back through the zone after killing the mini boss at the far end, rather than portal or logging out to quickly return to town.

With Access to all of the available gems, you can add in certain things that might not have been originally available for you class, such as CWDT setups, Fortify, and more.

Moving on to the actual questline of Act 6, after opening up Lily as a vendor you will return to The Coast. Quickly make your way to the waypoint then proceed to The Mud Flats.

Bestel’s quest to Tidal Island can be skipped unless you need a belt or amulet upgrade.

Once in The Mud Flats, head northeast until you find The Dishonored Queen and her associated mobs. Kill her and loot The Eye of Conquest. Backtrack slightly to the Northwest corner of the map, looking for the door to The Karui Fortress.
Make your way to Tukohama’s arena in the center-ish location of the map, and double check your fire resistances. His arena involves totems that do a variety of fire-based abilities, most notably the large, centrally-located Scorching Ray totem. His totems grant him an immunity shield halfway through the fight so make sure you target those quickly, and watch out for his new ability which is a AoE slam that has a very noticeable fiery symbol which appears before the ability lands.

Once he has been defeated, you can exit the other side of his arena and head northeast until you find the exit to The Ridge. You can quickly return to town to turn in The Father of War to Tarkleigh for a Book of Skill.

Quickly make your way through The Ridge to the%{color:#9900ff}Lower Prison%. There’s nothing to do in this zone so you can blaze through it without worrying about missing anything too important. Just follow the road.

While in the Prison, make sure you complete the Labyrinth Trial in the area before proceeding up to Shavronne’s Tower. Her tower has a total of five floors, with the arena where you fight Shavronne, being the fifth and final floor.

Preparing for the Shavronne fight, it is important to double check your lightning resistance and shuffle your gear around accordingly. She has a total of three phases. The first phase you fight Brutus again, and it is not unlike the first time you fought him in the Prison. The second phase you fight Shavronne again, and it is not unlike the first time you fought her in the Harvest. However, in the third phase, the merge into Shavrutus (Brutonne?) and the combination of physical and lightning, increased area of effect and increased attack and cast speed can be quite sketchy.

Once you have killed them you may portal or log out to return to town.

Turning in Essence of Umbra to Tarkleigh can get you a Rare, 4-linked helmet which can help you socket your new gems, if needed.

Once you arrive in Prisoner’s Gate, following the road will take you further down the main quest line. If you are wanting to do everything in order and not skip any of the Gods, head away from the road and search for the bottlenecked area like you did in Act I. This will lead you to the Valley of the Fire Drinker side area where you can fight Abberath.

Fighting Abberath is fairly straightforward and requires moderate kiting kills and decent arena awareness. The only things you need to worry about are the meteors which periodically descend and cover an entire section of the arena, and the pools of lava left behind by his adds. Otherwise, kite him in circles during his stompy phases, and side step his ranged attacks when applicable. He is broken into two phases with a change of arena halfway through. When he leaps away and out of the arena, simply proceed out of the area to the next one. When he is dead, his baseline Pantheon power will be available to you, and turning The Cloven One into Bestel will award you a book of skill.

Once he is dead you can portal or logout to return to town.

Use the waypoint to go back to Prisoner’s Gate, following the road to The Western Forest. There is a crafting recipe in this zone, where Alira’s camp once stood in Act II, so after you find it also grab the waypoint (which is usually along the road as well), and proceed to The Riverways.

The Riverways waypoint is in the same location along the road as it was in Act II. Similarly, you can use the dual road markers and broken road to find your way back to The Wetlands, which has changed quite a bit since Oak’s defeat and is now home to Ryslatha.

Ryslatha is another optional Patheon god that you may skip if you wish to complete her later, otherwise, head along the outer map boundary until you find the Spawning Ground. This fight can be particularly dangerous because she deals a lot of chaos damage and it will be rare to have any chaos resistance at this point during the leveling process unless you are deliberately sourcing it. An Amethyst flask if you’ve found one is definitely useful here. You’ll first need to fight three pods which summon adds in the lower part of the arena to activate Ryslatha. Her spit attack is the most deadly, as it is a projectile which also has a physical component to it. She will periodically burrow and move to a different location on the map leaving a trail of eggs which will explode and leave a chaos area of effect that you don’t want to stand in. The last ability she does is an acid breath that leaves pools of chaos degen on the ground. When she is dead, her baseline Pantheon power will be available to you and turning in The Puppet Mistress to Tarkleigh will award you a book of skill. It’s recommended to take her pantheon before things such as Labyrinth in case you get into trouble while in a gauntlet.

Once she is dead you can portal or logout to return to town.

Once you’re back in The Riverways, continue along the road to The Southern Forest. This is another zone with no quest or objective, so proceed to the waypoint and enter The Cavern of Anger.

Just inside the door Nessa is waiting for you, loot The Black Flag from the box in front of her, then proceed through the rest of the zone in order to reach The Beacon.

The Beacon is a large zone so you’ll be looking for the Lighthouse Structure. Once atop it, you will need to do two escorts to properly fuel the massive torch on the top of the Lighthouse. Tossing in The Black Flag summons Weylan Roth, who gives you a ride to The Brine King’s Reef.

Once Weland drops you off, follow an outside map boundary until you find the door to The Brine King’s Arena. Once inside, you’ll need to walk close to Nessa in order to start her dialogue then begin the encounter. This fight isn’t too difficult and mostly comes down to kiting at key points and keeping your feet out of bad. His slam ability creates a cone of effect that can be sidestepped. While inside his Tidal Rush barrier which greatly reduces incoming damage, he can only directly melee, so just kite him until it drops allowing you to damage him again. Periodically he will open his mouth allowing Nessa to sing. This floods the area greatly reducing the ability you have to move away from things. Also during this phase there are lightning strikes and cold projectiles you’ll want to do your best to avoid. Some will use portals to step out of the arena, then back into it, using the damage immunity period to negate this phase. Otherwise the fight continues as-is until the third time Nessa summons the waves, which then becomes permanent, and you must defeat him in this smaller arena. At this point you want to manage your health flasks very defensively, as you cannot cleanly kite him anymore and will take damage from him or his adds during this final phase. When he is dead, his baseline Pantheon power will be available to you. It’s recommended to take it right away and use it.

A quick chat to Weland and you’re on your way to Act 7.


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