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Act VII (7) Overview

Upon arriving in Act VII, proceed out the doors to The Broken Bridge area. You’ll want to search until you come across a large ruined building with castle-like corners which has a container in one corner which houses a Silver Locket. The locket can be returned to Weylan Roth at any time, awarding an assortment of flasks. I recommend a granite flask if you do not have one already as the flat armor is very useful.

Proceed to The Crossroads, and once there, the layout should be familiar to you as it is unchanged from Act II, grab the waypoint as you approach the intersection then head south to The Felshrine Ruins. From here, follow the road until you reach The Crypt. Make sure you complete the Labyrinth Trial in this area before finding Maligaro’s Map in the Container of Sins. Once you have the map, you can portal or log out to return to town.

Return to The Crossroads waypoint, this time heading north to The Chamber of Sins. The waypoint for Chamber of Sins Level 1 will be in a similar spot as it was in Act II. Silk will meet you near the old map device, allowing you to use the map device to enter Maligaro’s Sanctum. Maligaro’s Sanctum is full of various mob types that deal all the various elemental damages. It is imperative that you have balanced resists or resist values as close to cap as you can get. Otherwise you’re in for a rough time.

The Maligaro fight is not very complicated. All but the random teleport spell near the end of the fight are very obvious and easily avoidable. He has a few phases, and summons two adds during the fight at different times during the fight. The first add is a Chaos Spider that does AoE chaos damage that should be avoided. The second add is a redeux Fidelitas who now has a reduced damage taken barrier which he can use. Overall Maligaro will alternate between a 5-bolt attack where he raises his hand and fires 5 beams in the direction he is facing, and a teleport swipe attack where he will hover in the air for a brief moment before attacking. Both of these are easily side stepped. After both adds are dead he will do the purple teleport ability, to which, I’m unsure if there is any tell or pattern or way to avoid it. Keep those health flasks ready. He will drop Black Venom upon defeat.

Once he is dead you will want to portal in order to return to Silk and turn in the quest Web of Secrets. He will give you the Obsidian Key. Similar to Act II, the hallway in line with the waypoint will direct you to The Chamber of Sins level 2. While in this zone, don’t forget to complete your final Labyrinth Trial needed for Cruel Labyrinth and your second ascendency. The exit to The Den is in the same location where Piety and Fidelitus were in Act II. Head up and around to the area where Piety had stood, using the key, and exit the area.

The Den is roughly the same layout it was before, grab the waypoint just inside the door then proceed on your way. You need not complete any objectives or kill any particular mobs here, so simply find the exit to The Ashen Fields.

The Ashen Fields is an easy zone to navigate. Simply follow the road to the old Forest Encampment where Greust awaits you.

Greust, under the influence of Ralakesh, is now aggressive towards the player and a boss of this Act. There are still some inherent dangers to the fight. The first thing to look for is a dark red blast rain which comes from an archer on the southern wall. It can do a surprising amount of damage. Both the Wolf and Hellion adds can deal substantial damage. The wolf will buff others with his howl and the Hellion has a Ground Slam ability. Once his puppers get low on health, Greust will enter the arena. His Spear Throw ability does high physical damage and inflicts a bleed. This combined with getting caught in the Blast Rain can quickly be Fatal. His other ability, Spear Barrage, does physical damage but does not have a bleed component. You can LoS the barrage with the large central totem. The totem of Ralakesh will occasionally grant Greust a damage reduction shield. This is another fight where movement is king and your kiting skills will pay off. When he is dead, his baseline Pantheon power will be available to you. You can turn in The Master of a Million Faces quest to Eramir for a Book of Skill.

From there proceed to The Northern Forest. After finding the waypoint, search the map for The Dread Thicket. The Dread Thicket contains two quests. First you must scout the zone to find Fireflies for Yeena. Secondly, in the Den of Despair, you can fight the next God, Gruthkul. Gurthkul is not a main objective of the primary questline, so you can choose to defeat her now or at a later date. Gruthkul is one of the scarier bosses to fight at-level. I sometimes leave her til later if I’m having bad leveling RNG with gear.

Unless you really need an amulet upgrade, you do not need to do the quest in Memory of Gruest from Helena.

She has several abilities, all which deal significant damage. The first is Upheaval, where she raises her claws and slams the ground creating an area of high physical degen which slows movement speed substantially. Her Roar ability is a channeled spell that launches a series of physical projectiles which are somewhat whispy in appearance and hard to see. She also occasionally emits a despair aura which stacks on you and slows you if you remain within melee range of her. Her Slam ability is very easy to spot as she raises herself up fully on her back legs. This ability is easily sidestepped. Like most boss fights, kiting is king here, and paramount to your success if ranged/caster/summoner. When she is dead, her baseline Pantheon power will be available to you. You can turn in The Queen of Despair quest to Eramir for a Book of Skill. If you gathered your Fireflies prior to entering Gruthkul’s arena, you may portal or log out to return to town. Otherwise resume gathering the last few bugs you need.

Return to The Northern Forest, and head north until you find the exit to The Causeway. Here you will encounter Alva. Completing her quest here will allow her to be invited to your hideout. You can do this or return to The Causeway at any point in the future to unlock her. Towards the end of the zone, keep an eye out for a container containing Kishara’s Star. Turn this into Weyland for a Book of Skill. After this zone, you will enter The Vaal City.

Easily one of the largest and most frustrating zones in the leveling process, you must find your way through the maze of ruins to find the central pyramid, waypoint, and Yeena. Luckily, there are only a few ways this zone can map out. Use these pictures Karv made to find the center quickly. When you turn in the Lighting the Way quest to Yeena, she uses the Fireflies to transform into a fiery fox and burns the thick webbing that blocked the entrance to The The Temple of Decay level 1. Making your way through this zone and The The Temple of Decay level 2, you’ll soon find yourself outside the boss arena which contains Arakaali, aptly named Arakaali’s Web.

Arakaali’s arena presents as much danger as she does, with a grid-like system of chaos crystals that shoot beams of chaos damage across the arena. Getting caught by one of the beams can chunk away a sizable portion of your damage. Remember in these fights that deal a lot of Chaos damage, you will not have the resistance necessary to mitigate a substantial part of the incoming damage, and thus you must be extremely careful to avoid mechanics. Arakaali has no basic melee attack. She will always use one of her abilities. Her first ability, if you are in melee range is a Cleave attack. She will pull one of her front legs into the air and then swipe across the corner in melee range. If you are outside of melee range from her, she will lob a single projectile at you semi-regularly that does both chaos and physical damage. Next is her Web ability, which launches a cocoon to the ground that explodes dealing damage and leaving behind an aoe effect which will stack slowing effects on the player. Acid Spit is an AoE cone of chaos and lightning damage and the ground effect from this attack will persist for some time. Periodically beams coming from outside of the arena will weave a patchwork of danger, which serves to funnel the player towards the only safe zone, which will be in melee range of Arakaali. During the fight she will continually release cocoons that will summon adds but these can be taken care of easily.

At 50% she viciously murders Silk by eating him, which fuels some of her new abilities in stage two. Her first new ability is called Rip Tide, where she stomps her front legs, causing Chaos projectiles from the other side of the arena to converge on her location. The projectiles move surprisingly fast. Her second ability is some chaos lazer beams of her own, which strike several times in an AoE cone in front of her and can be sidestepped. Once she is defeated you will have completed the Mother of Spiders main quest, and her baseline Pantheon power will be available to you.

Once she is dead you may portal or logout to return to town and use a waypoint to proceed to the next act.


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