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Act VII (8) Overview

Act VIII is home to one of the most deadly bosses in the game, Doedre. Once you arrive in Sarn again, head over to the left hand side to gain access to The Toxic Conduits. Lots of mobs deal chaos damage in the areas coming up to Doedre, so be extremely careful. From The Toxic Conduits proceed to Doedre’s Cesspool. Continue onwards until you find Doedre’s arena, which is named The Cauldron.

Doedre is a very scary boss, particularly on hardcore, because her mechanics have a high RNG element and low predictability. You’ll definitely want to have two health flasks (one instant if possible) and a Granite flask on as well. You can portal out to play it safe and refill flask charges during the encounter. Her abilities include a warp, where she will disappear and then explodes back into existence on top of the player for devastating amounts of damage. She is locked in the arrival animation once she starts so it’s possible to dodge it with good reaction times. Staying close to her cuts down on her use of this spell. However by standing closer to her, you line yourself up to be hit by multiple other abilities of hers. She continually tosses out three projectiles which hit for moderate physical damage. Other times, she will conjure several aoe blood bubbles on the floor that will explode over time.

Like Arakaali, Doedre’s arena presents just as much threat as she does, and the combination of bad management of arena effects and boss damage is often deadly. Like her totems in her other encounter, the colors reflect what type of effect to expect. Red (Vulnerability) arena randomly spawns bubbles that pop and will apply a stacking debuff that increases damage taken by up to 100%. Green (Enfeeble) arena has randomly spawning mobs which apply a stacking debuff that make you deal less damage by up to 70% reduced damage dealt. Purple (Chains) arena has purple clouds that apply a chaos damage degen and stacking debuff which makes you slower to a maximum of 70% slowed. Some strategies revolve around doing as much damage as possible and changing the arena color as often as possible before the effects stack up too much against you. However, for most leveling characters without good physical mitigation, red phase should be a hard pass as soon as the handle to the cauldron can be turned again.

Once she is dead, follow the door that opens to the waypoint, and head to the right towards The Quay. Here you’ll want to loot the Ankh of Eternity in order to help Clarissa attempt to restore Tolman. Clarissa is located in an area called Resurrection Site. She will channel the power of the Ankh and it will summon waves of zombies until Tolman becomes active. Once he is active, just kite him around the arena as there’s a mobile detonate dead ability that will track on you. This completes the Love is Dead quest for one Book of Skill. Exit the arena when done and continue onwards to the Grain Gate.

Navigating the Grain Gate is fairly easy due to clues left in the form of mangled bodies. Fun! To find the way to The Imperial Fields, check each doorway for either a murdered corpse of some chunky bits of one. If you find one, proceed to that next area and start looking for the next bloodied doorway. In this zone you’ll want to find and eliminate the Gemling Legion for Maramoa. They only activate when you get relatively close to them, so you can take a bit of time to set up then dispatch them quickly.

Once you find the exit to The Imperial Fields, follow the road to the waypoint, then continue to head up the center of the map until you find The Solaris Temple. On the base floor of the Solaris temple you will find a waypoint, don’t forget to grab it before proceeding to The Solaris Temple Level 2. Returning to the area where Dialla once stood, find Dawn, Harbinger of Solaris in the arena. Avoid his melee and his Scorching Ray (which has a very fast cast speed and thus turn radius), as well as the Fire placed on the ground by the Sun Orb, and the Beams of Fire that shoot down from the ceiling. He summons a cluster of swords on occasion, which deal physical damage. When defeated, the Sun Orb will drop from its location in the center of the room.

You may portal or log out to return to town at this point, then Return to the Waypoint in the Solaris Temple. If you’ve fought Dawn quickly enough, your instance of the temple may be active and you’ll be able to explore the last undiscovered part, which will lead you to The Solaris Concourse. Head down the main steps in order to find the waypoint, then proceed until you find The Harbor Bridge.

Run across the Harbor Bridge and you’ll find Lunaris Concourse. Head directly left along the outside map boundary to find access to the Bath House. Head right once you’re inside the door and follow it until you find the Labyrinth Trial for that area. Return to the beginning of the trial and double back some for the Entrance to The High Gardens if you passed it. At the end of this zone, you’ll find the arena containing Yugul, Reflection of Terror. He is a bit of a scary boss mostly due to arena awareness. It is a very cluttered fight. There are mirror balls that slowly chase you which deal cold damage over time and slow you. Then there are turrets which pop out of the mirror pools which fire mirror projectiles at you. Yugul has several add phases, with the death of his adds spawning more mirror balls. It is a challenge to kite him, and stay out of all the other various effects. He has a charge effect, that is not unlike a shield charge, and a big chomp ability which is fairly choreographed and easy to spot. It does, however, do fairly substantial damage. Once he is defeated you will have completed the Reflection of Terror main quest, and his baseline Pantheon power will be available to you. Turn this quest into Hargan for one Book of Skill.

Once he is dead you may portal or logout to return to town.

Return to The Lunaris Concourse, and ascend the stairs until you reach The Temple of Lunaris. Similar to the Solaris Temple, head to The Temple of Lunaris Level 2, find the arena and defeat Dusk, Harbinger of Lunaris. His fight isn’t very difficult, consisting of projectile attacks that do cold and physical damage. There’s a barrage ability that can be dangerous if you do not have chill and freeze immunity from a flask, as the first few hits can freeze/chill, locking you in place or slowing you down to not be able to get out of the others. The Moon Orb in the center of the room creates a dark vortex degen area which does fairly substantial damage over time and should be avoided. Once defeated, The Moon Orb will drop from its location in the center of the room.

You may portal or logout to return to town before returning to the Lunar Concourse once more. Re-enter the Harbor Bridge and run to the center of the bridge and Enter the Sky Shrine. Here you will fight Solaris and Lunaris.

This is one of my favorite fights in PoE. At first the sisters burst out of the statue and begin fighting each other. They will mostly ignore you but you can cannon fodder to their abilities if you’re not careful. Quickly DPS one sister to get her to leave the Arena.

While Lunaris is the only sister active, she will continually throw her glaives at you which can be relatively easy to side-step. Solaris will periodically cover the arena in fire while she is in orb form. If in melee, Lunaris can do a powerful combo attack where she hits three times in a row with her glaives. Another ability she uses is similar to cyclone, where she spins forward, releasing glaive projectiles as she travels along the path.

While Solaris is the only sister active, she will continually do a quick fire lance attack, as she does not have a regular melee attack. Lunaris will periodically do a spell barrage, raining down projectiles down from the sky in a converging S shape while in orb form. Lunaris will also leave behind areas of dark vortex degen, like her Harbinger. Solaris has other abilities, including a spear thrust which she uses when you are in melee range of her, and deals pure physical damage. She also does a Shield beam where a stationary scorching ray beam erupts from her shield as she holds it in a forward position. Lastly, she does an Energy Lance attack that sends a bean out that will split four ways, three times total, which essentially will cover half of the arena in a grid. Recognizing her wind-up animation and getting behind her will keep you from getting hit by this every time.

This will phase back and forth until one sister is dispatched. Whichever dies first will empower the other, and the living sister will now be granted the ability to self cast her “orb form” abilities at will.

With both sisters defeated you will be able to use their baseline pantheon powers. Exit the Sky Shrine to the Blood Aqueducts.

You’re on the home stretch, now! You’ll be in maps soon™


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