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Act IX (9) Overview

A few quick trips up and down the Blood Aqueducts will allow you to gain experience efficiently, possibly upgrade gear, and level your gems. There is the added bonus of farming up a few Humility cards as well, if you’re going for a Tabula Rasa. When you’re feeling comfortable you can proceed with the rest of the Act.

Once you’re in Highgate, head all the way up the stars to where you exited Act IV. This time follow the right outside map boundary to make quick work of pathing through The Descent until you arrive in The Vastiri Desert. You’ll want to look for the waypoint, then wander north or south until you find the Shrine that houses the storm blade. Touching the pillar in the middle will start the encounter, and once you defeat all the adds, the Storm Blade will drop. Head east until you hit the right side map boundary and look for the entrance to The Oasis. Portal from here, turn in the Storm Blade Quest, talk to sin, then talk to the couple again to get Bottled Storm. Run back to your portal and enter The Oasis.

Follow the outer map boundary until you find the entrance to the arena which houses Shakari for the quest Queen of the Sands. She is not part of the main quest line and can be skipped until later if you prefer.

The Shakari fight is actually more frustrating than it is difficult. In her first phase she has fairly straightforward attacks. A tail slash, which is in melee range. A burrow and emerge attack where she goes underground and emerges under the player or where the player previously was. She also has a charge tail slam which has a very obvious channel animation before she deals massive damage to a circular area. This can be avoided by sidestepping the circle or running behind her. At half health she retreats, initiating a gauntlet of scorpion adds while she performs a sunder like ability, for the length of the gauntlet. Once to the other side and in the next arena, she begins stage two of her encounter. In addition to her already described abilities, she now has a chain burrow, where she will Free Willy all over the damn arena for 4 to 5 jumps. She also has an immune phase where she burrows in the sand, leaving her tail above the surface using the sunder like attack and summoning adds. Eventually, you’ll get her down, and her baseline Pantheon power can be used right away.

Once she is dead you may portal or log out to return to town.

Head back to The Vastiri Desert, and head north until you see the exit for The Foothills.

You need not do the Calendar of Fortune quest unless you need some regret points.

Travel along The Foothills until you find the waypoint and entrance to The Boiling Lake. You’ll want to head north until you encounter The Basilisk. Stay behind him as much as possible to avoid a majority of his attacks, including a channeled slow that will encase you in stone at a certain threshold of stacks. Once dead, you can loot Basilisk Acid from him, and log you may portal or log out to return to town.

Return to The Foothills waypoint and proceed to The Tunnel. Don’t forget to do your Labyrinth Trial while you are in this zone. When done, continue onwards to The Quarry.

Once in The Quarry, head up to the center of the map and grab the waypoint near Sin. The head east until you hit the outermap boundary and search for the two side areas needed. The first is the arena that houses Garukhan and Kira. Garukhan is a Patheon boss and can be saved for a later time.

The Garukhan fight only requires arena awareness and a staunching flask. Her abilities are fairly mild. Her first ability is a Charged Dash that is not unlike the skill gem. She then does a 3-hit Combo attack which consists of a slash, an AoE burst then another slash. Her more annoying ability is a Sandstorm Ambush where she creates a large tornado, then essential phase walks to you and begins attacking you again. She cannot be targeted or damaged during this phase. At 66% and 33% Garukhan summons adds to fight for her, including Kira. The final 33% of Garukhan’s life is marked by her ability to summon more clusters of tornadoes and you’ll have to keep an eye out for safe areas free of twisters to fight her. Once Kira has been defeated, she drops the Sekhema Feather which is needed to complete the Ruler of Highgate quest. Once Garukhan is defeated her baseline Pantheon power can be used right away. You may portal or log out here to return to town, then return to The Quarry.

From the waypoint head in the opposite direction from Garukhan’s arena and start scouting for the entrance to The Refinery. Scout the zone until you find the arena containing General Adus. His damage is lightning or phys and lightning, depending on ability. This boss fight is reminiscent of the Arakaali fight, with area of effects to avoid and the arena being cordoned off by lightning bolts, rather than chaos beams. Once he has been defeated head to the next room to grab the Trarthan Powder. From here you may portal or log to return to town then back to The Quarry.

With both items, Sin is able to open the pathway back inside The Belly of the Beast. Quickly make your way through the zone which must smell completely terrible, and brave The Rotting Core. Make your way into the Black Core and meet Sin. Here, he creates portals to each of the Depraved Trinity’s realms.

Each of the corresponding zones have features that reflect the associated boss. Doedre’s realm has totems, Shavronne’s has lightning based mobs and lightning effects, and Maligaro’s is full of chaos spitting spiders and bright purple wandering blade vortexes.

The fights are all reminiscent of previous fights against the trio except each has one major difference in their encounter. Doedre’s Totems now can be destroyed which is very bad when she does her channeled scream attack. She’ll teleport to the middle of the arena and unleash waves of damage which can be LoS’d by hiding behind one of her totems. Minions, totems, etc run the danger of killing off all of her totems, so make sure to have a portal ready to step out of the arena during this phase if you play in HC. Maligaro splits into clones and has a glaive throw. Shavronne now conjures a massive ball of lightning that will linger in an area for a time.

Now that you’ve defeated each of the three, now it is time to fight them all stitched up together. They will cast Storm Call, creating a spiral formation which will explode after a short time. They will also cast Blade Blossom which imbeds blades in the ground which fly upwards after a short delay. In addition, they will also cast Blood Projectiles which goes damage on impact and then again when they explode. Some more abilities include Sludge which creates a lasting area of effect which behaves like one of Doedre’s cauldron arena and grants the respective debuff if you touch it. Lastly, they will conjure the large lightning balls but they will be red, and will restrict an area of the arena. Clever players can make these all stack up together on top of each other. At 75%, 50% and 25% health, they will retreat, summoning six scorpion adds that are easily dispatched. As soon as you see the blood start to rush in, you may portal or logout to proceed to the next Act.



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