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Epilogue Overview and Map Device Acquisition

Proceed to the epilogue from Sin’s Portal and don’t forget to pick up the last Book of Skill that awards two points and the movement speed recipe in town! It’s located on the left side of the stairs behind Sin and Innocence. Congrats on making it to the end game!

However, there’s one small problem: you don’t have a map device… yet.

Talk to Kirac in town, who will ask you to enter the Templar Laboratory as part of an investigation into his brother Baran’s involvement with Zana. Once you make your way down the stairs, there’s a violent explosion!

Kirac then would like you to search the Fallen Courts for Dominus’ office, as his desk likely contains a very specific key you may need in your investigation. After you’ve obtained the key, you’re off to the Haunted Reliquary, through a series of security defenses for components to build a map device.

Talk to Kirac in your hideout to complete the Picking up the Pieces quest and receive a map.

At this point you’ll want to evaluate your gear, making sure your resistances are capped and you’ve got at least a few thousand life or effective health. If you’re lacking in any department, you can return to different areas in the story to farm, such as Blood Aqueducts, Harbor Bridge, or The Quarry.

Happy Mapping, Exile!


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