Velyna's Spectral Shield Throw Raider Gearing (PoE The Forbidden Sanctum 3.20)



The Stages

This is a list of gear used in each phase of the build, the phases are meant to lead one into the next for a smooth trip from leaguestart to endgame.


This first stage is meant for leaguestart into early maps. Since starting with SST is difficult, I recommend using Poisonous Concoction Poisonous Concoction into early maps then switching once a few key items are gathered. Obscurantis Obscurantis can be used in next phase also and is quite cheap. Make sure to keep life flasks updated, with the highest recovery number possible, because with concoction those are your weapons. I usually recommend 3 life flasks during this phase at least until charge generation is high.

Item Slot Item Name/Mods Rarity
Head Obscurantis Obscurantis Unique
Amulet Life, resists, INT, ideally on an Agate base Rare
Chest (Evasion base) Life, spell suppression, resists Rare
Gloves (Evasion base) Life, attack speed, resists Rare
Boots (Evasion base) Life, movement speed, resists Rare
Belt Life, resists, STR Rare
Rings Life, resists, accuracy, INT/STR as needed Rare
Shield (Evasion base) Life, suppression, resists, ailment avoid Rare


After gathering a few key uniques it’s time to swap into shield throw! The most important things here are Emperor's Vigilance Emperor's Vigilance, Seething Fury Seething Fury, and Hrimsorrow Hrimsorrow. Having these three will fully convert our phys to cold and give us decent damage with the beginnings of a crit setup. If the shield is expensive, wear Magna Eclipsis Magna Eclipsis at first, it’s quite a bit less dps but much cheaper. You can even assemble it yourself. As of 3.20 seething fury is only obtainable through corrupting, it cannot drop naturally, but you can buy it like always. Provided your resists remain balanced you can largely use the same items from last phase in the other slots at first. I recommend having at least a 5L chest.

Item Slot Item Name/Mods Rarity
Head Obscurantis Obscurantis Unique
Amulet Life, crit multi, resists, ideally on Agate base. You may need some INT here for gems, the requirement will be lower next phase. Rare
Chest (Evasion base) Life, suppression, resist, ailment avoid craft, eldritch implicts Rare
Gloves Hrimsorrow Hrimsorrow Unique
Boots (Evasion base) Life, movement speed, resists, suppression, eldritch implcits Rare
Belt Life, resists, ele damage w/ attacks Rare
Ring 1 Life, resists, ele damage w/ attacks, INT Rare
Ring 2 Life, resists, ele damage w/ attacks, STR Rare
Weapon Scaeva Scaeva with at least 2 green sockets, 3 if you don’t need lifetap on snipers mark Unique
Shield Emperor's Vigilance Emperor's Vigilance Unique
Jewel Seething Fury Seething Fury Unique


Our attack has been moved to a 7Link helm, and we are using Ashes of the Stars Ashes of the Stars. These are the most expensive items in the build, but you can get quite far without them so don’t stress. Gloves are changed to a betrayal conversion base with conversion eldritch implicit, combined with the cold mastery we remain fully converted without Hrimsorrow Hrimsorrow. In addition, we have added Brutal Restraint Brutal Restraint and Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye jewels plus a cluster setup. A weapon upgrade can also be crafted.

Item Slot Item Name/Mods Rarity
Head (Armour) Attack crit, ele damage, hypothermia, life, crafted or unveiled +projectile gem level Rare
Amulet Ashes of the Stars Ashes of the Stars Unique
Chest (Evasion) Life, suppression, resists, ailment avoid craft, eldritch implicits Rare
Gloves (Evasion) Temple gloves with cold conversion, plus conversion eldritch implicit Rare
Boots (Evasion) Life, movement speed, resists, suppression, eldritch implcits Rare
Belt (Stygian) Hunter belt with Life and %life, resists, and a high STR roll Rare
Ring 1 Life, resists, STR, -mana cost craft Rare
Ring 2 Life, resists, INT, -mana cost craft Rare
Weapon Shaper rapier base with ele penetration, phys added as cold, crit multi, crafted %cold damage Rare
Shield Emperor's Vigilance Emperor's Vigilance Unique
Large Cluster 8 Passive with Battle-Hardened, Furious Assault, and Iron Breaker Rare
Medium Cluster 4-5 Passive crit with Basics of Pain and Pressure Points Rare
Jewel Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye Hatred penetration and whatever secondary you prefer Unique
Jewel Seething Fury Seething Fury Unique

Item Searches

  • Watchers Eye – Hatred penetration is top priority, the search here includes a bunch of secondary options, just turn off the ones you don’t care about.
  • Medium Cluster Jewel – 4-5 Passives with Basics of Pain and Pressure Points.
  • Large Cluster – 8 Passives with Battle-Hardened, Furious Assault, Iron Breaker. Usually not expensive to get all 3.
  • Brutal Restraint – There are a lot of options here, I recommend learning to use the search built into PoB. This search will give several good options and I have also added each into the endgame PoB so you can see what each will do. Only the number is important here, we don’t care about the name.


This section is a quick visual overview of my gear choices and a bit of explanation for each.


This helmet gives us the base crit chance we need to get near 100%, and it’s easier than it looks to craft. There is a video linked above to help you out. You can get by without it for quite a long time but the upgrade is substantial.


Ashes of the Stars Ashes of the Stars is ideal for us because we use several high-value alt quality gems, including our main attack. Nothing beats this so you will want it eventually, luckily it is by far the most expensive item in the build.


A nice mix of defense and offense, helping us cap suppression and avoidance while the implicits boost our DPS output by a ton.


Nothing special required here other than the implicits and lab enchant. You may need suppression here if you don’t go for the grace mod on watchers eye.


The 35% conversion is a betrayal mod, you will likely have to buy it then try to touch it up with crafting. Adding another 25% conversion with eldritch implicits puts us at 60%, and the cold damage mastery gives the last 40% for total conversion.


Nothing complicated, just big life from a hunter base with % and flat. The STR is also required, but can be a lower roll if you get more somewhere else. Having hunter instead of elder gives access to a potential flask charge on crit mod.

Ring 1

This slot can take some weight off the belt for STR requirements, in addition to giving life, and resists. The accuracy may not be needed, don’t worry too much about it.

Ring 2

I like at least one Amethyst base for chaos res, and we need a high INT roll on one ring.


Because we don’t attack with a weapon, there aren’t many mods we can use here. Luckily the ones shown here are quite powerful. Make sure it’s a base with global crit multi implicit, and Shaper influenced. You can roll it with Essences of Sorrow for a slightly higher penetration roll than Shaper gives on it’s own.


Emperor's Vigilance Emperor's Vigilance is ideal for us because our attack scales off the armour, and our crit chance from the Energy Shield.



  • Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye: Hatred penetration is big DPS for us and doesn’t require using a weapon. As a secondary mod, I like the suppression from Grace to make capping easier.
  • Seething Fury Seething Fury: Allows us to scale crit without a weapon, and another good corrupt target.
  • Brutal Restraint Brutal Restraint: So many good things we can pick up here, including crit chance, stun avoid, added cold, and projectile damage. But the big thing is Onslaught on kill, which is for sure not as powerful as our ascend nodes but allows us to take
    Avatar of the Slaughter with minimal downside. There is a timeless jewel finder built into PoB and I recommend learning to use it, but I have also put several options in the Endgame PoB gear and will try to provide a useful item search above.

Cluster Jewels

Large: 8 Passives maximum to use the fewest points. Even with all 3 notables shown above this jewel is usually quite cheap and they are all high-value.

Medium: The classic 4-5 passive crit with Basics of Pain and Pressure Points. Fantastic for scaling crit, can be expensive at first, but worth it.



  • Taste of Hate Taste of Hate: As a cold converted physical build this is a pretty obvious choice, great for boss DPS at early stages if you can afford it then.


I usually run something like this, the lowlife mod is just my preference but the bleed mod will save your life so many times.


This is a fairly generic setup, and almost always I will run something like it. Use these to shore up your weaknesses, for example you can get a more defensive suffix on the diamond if desired. You can even run a granite instead of the Taste of Hate for quite awhile, in addition to the jade, for massive armour with flasks up.

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