Low Life Builds for Path of Exile (Lake of Kalandra 3.19)


These builds utilize a low life setup to run additional auras and Energy Shield as a form of defense.

Name Created By Last update Comments
Velyna's Storm Brand Inquisitor (PoE Lake of Kalandra 3.19) Velyna 03 Oct 2022 0
Monstrous Vortex Cold Snap Low-Life Occultist Build Guide (PoE Lake of Kalandra 3.19) TbXie 18 Aug 2022 85
Wintertide Brand Trickster Passive Skill Tree and Gem Links PoEVault 18 Aug 2022 10
Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion Build Guide (3.19 Lake of Kalandra) TbXie 15 Aug 2022 14
Necromancer Aurabot Support Build Guide (PoE Expedition 3.15) TbXie 22 Jul 2021 78