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Shaping Maps

As we detail in our Atlas guide, as you progress through the Zana questline, you can use the Shaper’s Orbs that Zana gives you to shape maps of your choosing. This increases the tier of that map by 5, therefore making them theoretically much more lucrative for drops and experience.

Since you receive a limited number of Shaper’s Orbs (you cannot shape every map on your atlas), this guide will provide you with our recommendations for the best maps to shape at each tier.

Recommended Maps to Shape in Legion 3.7

Tier 1

Haunted Mansion Map Haunted Mansion Map is our pick, due to its density and layout.

Tier 2

Any of Armoury Map Armoury Map, Alleyways, Thicket Map Thicket Map, or Glacier Map Glacier Map can be Shaped based on preference, as they all have good layouts and monster density.

Tier 3

Leyline and Arid Lake Map Arid Lake Map are both good maps to shape.

Tier 4

Channel Map Channel Map (layout and Humility Humility), Beach Map Beach Map (layout, tileset, and league mechanic) and City Square Map City Square Map (layout and density) are our recommendations.

Tier 5

Burial Chambers Map Burial Chambers Map is a popular option due to the possibility of a valuable The Doctor The Doctor drop; this is an especially potent option if you are using a Magic Find build.

Tropical Island (simple layout) and Jungle Valley Map Jungle Valley Map (density and The Flora's Gift The Flora's Gift) are both great options if you are not holding out for a The Doctor The Doctor drop.

Tier 6

Waste Pool Map Waste Pool Map and Atoll Map Atoll Map both have good layouts and they are our recommended maps.

Tier 7

Vault Map Vault Map (layout and Divination Cards such as The Hoarder The Hoarder) and Waterways (simple layout and Humility Humility) are our recommendations.

Tier 8

Estuary Map Estuary Map (layout and Heterochromia Heterochromia), Toxic Sewer Map Toxic Sewer Map (simple layout), and Scriptorium (The Offering The Offering and decent layout) are all good options.

Tier 9

Moon Temple Map Moon Temple Map (good layout, density, and The Twilight Moon The Twilight Moon), Underground Sea Map Underground Sea Map (top tier density, good layout, and The Survivalist The Survivalist), Underground River Map Underground River Map (simple layout and Hunter's Reward Hunter's Reward), and possibly Arsenal Map Arsenal Map (mediocre layout but chance at Abandoned Wealth Abandoned Wealth) are recommendations for your Tier 14s.

Tier 10

Volcano Map Volcano Map and Bazaar Map Bazaar Map are good choices for the valuable Divination Cards they drop (Pride Before the Fall Pride Before the Fall/The King's Heart The King's Heart and The Saint's Treasure The Saint's Treasure respectively), and they both have reasonably nice layouts that play into the Legion league mechanic very well.

Plateau and Bog both have nice layouts and decent density.

Elder Orb Options

The Elder’s Orb transforms any Map on the Atlas into a Tier 16 Map. One of the great things about the Elder’s Orb is the sheer flexibility it provides you, as you can opt to transform even Tier 1 Maps that you enjoy to farmable Tier 16s. Unfortunately, you only get a single Elder Orb, although you can always revise your choice. See our Atlas of Worlds and Map Guide for more detailed information. You cannot use the Elder’s Orb on a Map you have Shaped.

There are several considerations when choosing the placement of your Elder’s Orb:

  • Pack size and density of the Map
  • Surrounding Maps for Sextant Placement (Lower tier Maps are typically better as they are surrounded by White Maps, allowing the use of Apprentice Cartographer’s Sextants)
  • Map layout
  • Legion league mechanic
  • Personal preference

Personal preference is actually a much larger influence in Patch 3.7.0 Legion than in previous leagues, as the Legion mechanic adds so many monsters to a map that considerations such as density are of [relatively] lower importance than usual. Finding a Map that you enjoy farming for hours on end — especially one that you find the layout to be comfortable — is of essential importance.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Haunted Mansion Map Haunted Mansion Map has fantastic density and a layout that is really easy to clear, once you get used to it. The downside of this map is that it does not play into the legion mechanic as well as open maps, due to the plethora of small rooms and corridors. The boss is usually quite easy to deal with, but with certain mods or kill speeds can occasionally surprise you and result in a quick death if proper care is not taken. This map is really ideal for builds that can not take full advantage of the Legion league mechanic regardless of Map, but want great Map sustain, density, layout, and sextant placement.

Arid Lake Map Arid Lake Map has a wide open layout and a pleasant tileset. The main upside of this map is the sextant placement, the Legion mechanic being easy to deal with, and the ease of clear. Being a wide open Map, Arid Lake is extraordinarily safe to farm, offering plenty of space to kite around, especially if Betrayal monsters spawn at an inconvenient time. The Map’s boss is also extremely non-threatening — Arid Lake is one of the best options for safety and the Legion league mechanic.

Channel Map Channel Map is a good option for trade leagues, as the layout is simple and quick to clear and it offers consistent profit from Humility Humility cards. Channel is positioned well for Sextant use, as well.

Crater has a lot of monsters and falls within the part of the Atlas that drops Spiked Gloves Spiked Gloves, which can also allow for consistent profit due to the high item level and melee rework. The layout is somewhat contentious, however, and is generally not a popular map. If you can deal with the layout and become comfortable with it, Crater can be a very competitive option.

City Square Map City Square Map has a great layout, Sextant placement, and density. While it plays into the Legion mechanic quite well, this Map has a relatively dangerous boss and can be spooky for certain builds.

Beach Map Beach Map has a simple layout and fairly strong density. The tileset is generally quite popular among players, and the Legion mechanic is easy to deal with due to the expansion area. Certain monsters and the boss itself in this Map can be dangerous on Tier 16, however, Beach is always a strong option.

These are just a few of the options — the beauty of the Elder’s Orb is that it can be adjusted at will to suit the strengths of your build, or to target specific Divination Cards.

Other Notes

The choice of which map to shape is flexible, and once you are experienced enough to have preferred maps, you should feel free to deviate from our recommendations.

Also keep in mind that first few maps you shape will likely not matter, as you will almost never want to run these (tier 6-8 maps) over higher tier maps or different maps of these tiers which you need for your Atlas completion.


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