The Best Maps to Shape in Path of Exile Legion 3.7



Shaping Maps

As we detail in our Atlas guide, as you progress through the Zana questline, you can use the Shaper’s Orbs that Zana gives you to shape maps of your choosing. This increases the tier of that map by 5, therefore making them theoretically much more lucrative for drops and experience.

Since you receive a limited number of Shaper’s Orbs (you cannot shape every map on your atlas), this guide will provide you with our recommendations for the best maps to shape at each tier.

Recommended Maps to Shape in Legion 3.7

Tier 1

Haunted Mansion is our pick, due to its good layout and density.

Tier 2

Any of Armoury, Alleyways, Thicket, or Glacier can be shaped, based on preference, as they all have good layouts and monster density.

Tier 3

Leyline and Arid Lake are both good maps to shape.

Tier 4

Channel, Beach, and City Square are our recommendations.

Tier 5

Burial Chambers is a good option because of the chance to drop the valuable The Doctor The Doctor Divination Card; this is an especially potent option if you are using a Magic Find build.

Tropical Island is a good option due to its layout, and Jungle Valley can also be shaped.

Tier 6

Waste Pool and Atoll both have good layouts and they are our recommended maps.

Tier 7

Vault and Waterways are our recommendations.

Tier 8

Estuary, Toxic Sewer, and Scriptorium are all good options.

Tier 9

Moon Temple, Arsenal, and Underground Sea are all good options, depending on your preference.

Tier 10

Volcano or Bazaar are good choices for the valuable Divination Cards they drop (Pride Before the Fall Pride Before the Fall/The King's Heart The King's Heart and The Saint's Treasure The Saint's Treasure respectively), while Plateau simply has a nice layout.

Elder Orb

The Elder Orb will turn any map into a Tier 16 map. We recommend using it on either Haunted Mansion (clear speed), Crater (number of monsters and Spiked Gloves Spiked Gloves base), Channel or City Square (the last two have good layouts).

Keep in mind that you cannot use an Elder Orb on a map that you have already Shaped – so either plan accordingly and do not shape the map you plan to Elder Orb, or use an Unshaping Orb first on the map.

Other Notes

The choice of which map to shape is flexible, and once you are experienced enough to have preferred maps, you should feel free to deviate from our recommendations.

Also keep in mind that first few maps you shape will likely not matter, as you will almost never want to run these (tier 6-8 maps) over higher tier maps or different maps of these tiers which you need for your Atlas completion.


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