Toxic Rain Ballista Champion Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers



Ascendancy (Duelist – Champion)

  1. Unstoppable Hero
  2. Fortitude
  3. Conqueror
  4. Worthy Foe

Unstoppable Hero is a couple points towards permanent Fortify, a core aspect of the build and one of the main reasons we go Champion, so we’re taking it pretty much regardless. That said, the attack speed it provides is very nice offensively, and stun immunity is never bad.

Fortitude gives us Fortify. Fortify is really really good. This node is half the reason we go Champion, and the unconditional nature of the Fortify makes it incredible for consistent survivability in a HC setting. Go for this first if playing in HC.

Conqueror Has incredibly good synergy with totems, as the Ballistae that we summon will inherit the on-hit qualities of this node. That means that not only will our totems taunt enemies, which is naturally quite powerful defensively – they will also cause those enemies to deal 20% less damage to targets that aren’t them. This is a category that happens to include us which means that totems will constantly be causing enemies to deal less damage. Add to that the damage reduction already present on the node and it becomes extremely defensively potent.

Worthy Foe is the least core portion of the ascendancy, as accuracy is not something Toxic Rain Toxic Rain cares very much about. That said, the damage scaling here is pretty decent, though additive with Wither Wither – so not as potent as in some other champion builds. First to Strike, Last to Fall is a fine option if you’d prefer the safety net of an instant heal at low health, but I personally prefer the more consistent power of Worthy Foe.


Kill all of the Bandits. Two passive points is by far the most valuable reward we can claim here.


Major God

Since this build has native stun immunity, Brine King is fairly pointless. I would instead recommend Lunaris for mapping and Solaris for big bosses like Sirus.

Minor God

For minor powers, I will usually have either Soul of Abberath enabled to deal with burning ground from Metamorphs or Blights, or I’ll have Soul of Shakari if my Chaos Resistance isn’t up to snuff yet.

Pantheon powers can be upgraded by using a Divine Vessel Divine Vessel in the Map Device while you are activating the particular Map that contains the boss you need. Once you’ve killed the boss and captured his soul, you need to deliver the vessel to Sin in Oriath.

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    Just want to say, favorite build I’ve played in awhile. Killed Sirius the first time with it. Great combo of Tanky and Damage.

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