Velyna's Spectral Shield Throw Raider PoB and Skills (PoE The Forbidden Sanctum)




  • Make sure you have this version of PoB, it’s the only one updated regularly.
  • When you are comparing your character against the PoB provided, make sure to match everything up in the Settings tab. If you don’t the numbers are meaningless.

PoB Imports

All of my builds are broken down into stages to make the upgrade path easier. In this case the tree stays mostly the same after you swap out of Leaguestart and you mainly need to look at gear.

  • Leaguestart PoB – This is for either a fresh league or a start with zero currency. The only goal of this PoB is to make it through acts into early maps, and allow you to farm around 40-60c. Once you do that it is time to switch to the next PoB don’t try to push this into higher tiers.
  • Transition PoB – Once you have the Emperor's Vigilance Emperor's Vigilance or Magna Eclipsis Magna Eclipsis, a Seething Fury Seething Fury, and Hrimsorrow Hrimsorrow, that should be enough to transition into the actual build we want to play. I also use Obscurantis Obscurantis to easily cover accuracy still, since you should have it from first phase and it gives generic projectile attack damage, which works for us.
  • Endgame PoB – Our attack is now socketed in a crafted helmet and we’re making the final purchases while also crafting the other slots. Full cluster setup plus Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye and Brutal Restraint Brutal Restraint rounds out our jewel requirements. Full cold conversion is accomplished with temple gloves, an eldritch implicit, and cold mastery.


Not too many in this build, but the ones we take are all high value.

  • Life Mastery: We take two of these, “+50 to maximum Life” and “10% increased maximum Life/10% reduced Life Recovery Rate” If you aren’t doing enough dps to have solid leech you should wait on taking the 10% node.
  • Evasion Mastery: Super useful, and we pass right by it, definitely take “Grace has 25% increased reservation efficiency.”
  • Cold Mastery: To hit full cold conversion we will need the 40% from this mastery.
  • Spell Suppression Mastery: The “Crit chance is increased by suppression” mastery here does a lot of work for us.
  • Mark Mastery: The value of “25% increased effect of your marks” is a lot higher than it seems.
  • Shield Mastery: With our shields armour value, “2% damage per 75 armour” is a pretty sweet deal.


We need a lot of reservation efficiency for our auras, so running Charisma is not optional

Gem Links

Spectral Shield Throw (Helmet)

CWDT / Defense (Weapon)

Mark (Shield)

Auras / Movement (Chest)

Movement / Fortify

DPS Boosts

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