Ahn's Heritage

Ahn's Heritage is a unique Colossal Tower Shield.

Ahn's Heritage

Colossal Tower Shield

  • Chance to Block 29%
  • Armour 948
  • Requires Level 67, 159 Str
  • +(10-20) to maximum Life
  • (50-100)% increased Armour
  • +(60-80) to maximum Life
  • -1 to Maximum Endurance Charges
  • -10% to maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage
  • +6% Chance to Block
  • +2% to all maximum Resistances while you have no Endurance Charges
  • You have Onslaught while at maximum Endurance Charges

"It's not Karui, Azmeri or even Vaal in origin,
but one thing is certain. It is very, very old."
- Icius Perandus, Antiquities Collection, Item 46

Ahn's Heritage

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