Cyclone is a base Active Skill Gems item.


  • Requires Level 70, 98 Dex, 68 Str

Channel this skill to move towards a targeted location while spinning, building up stages while constantly attacking enemies in an area around you. While channelling this skill, you cannot be knocked back.

  • Deals 54% of Base Damage
  • 28 to 42 Added Attack Physical Damage
  • 10% increased Area of Effect
  • 8% increased Area of Effect per 1 additional Melee Strike Range
  • 30% less Movement Speed
  • First Hit deals 50% less Damage
  • Gains 1 Stage every 0.2 seconds while Channelling
  • Maximum 6 Stages
  • +1 to radius per Stage
  • Lose 1 Stage every 0.3 seconds while not Channelling

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.


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