Flameblast is a base Active Skill Gems item.


  • Vaal, Spell, AoE, Fire, Channelling
  • Level 20 (Max)
  • Cost 7 Mana
  • Cast Time 0.20 sec
  • Critical Strike Chance 5.00%
  • Effectiveness of Added Damage 60%
  • Quality +20%
  • Requires Level 70, 155 Int

Channels to build up a large explosion, which is released when you stop using the skill. The longer you channel, the larger the area of effect and damage of the explosion, up to 10 stages.

  • Deals 280 to 419 Fire Damage
  • 50% chance to Ignite enemies
  • 130% more Spell Damage for each stage
  • 90% more Damage with Ailments for each stage
  • 20% increased Damage
  • 10 maximum stages
  • +3 to Radius for each Stage

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.


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