Herald of Agony

Herald of Agony is a base Active Skill Gems item.

Herald of Agony

  • Spell, Herald, Minion, Chaos, Physical
  • Mana Reserved 25%
  • Cooldown Time 1.00 sec
  • Cast Time Instant
  • Requires Level 16, 41 Dex

Grants a buff giving more poison damage and a chance to inflict poison. When you poison an enemy while you have this buff, you gain Virulence, and summon an Agony Crawler minion that uses projectile and area attacks. You will lose Virulence over time, at a rate which increases the more Virulence you have. The minion will die when you have no Virulence.

  • Maximum 1 Summoned Agony Crawler
  • 0% increased Minion Movement Speed (+1% per 1% Quality)
  • Grants 20% chance to Poison on Hit
  • Grants Virulence when you Poison an Enemy
  • Grants 10% more Poison Damage
  • Maximum 40 Virulence
  • Agony Crawler has (2-3)% increased Attack Speed per Virulence you have
  • Agony Crawler deals (5-9)% increased Physical Damage per Virulence you have
  • Agony Crawler has (1-45) to (3-84) Added Physical Damage per Virulence you have
  • Minions cannot Taunt Enemies

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Herald of Agony

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