Machina Mitts

Machina Mitts is a unique Murder Mitts.

Machina Mitts

Murder Mitts

  • Evasion Rating 363
  • Energy Shield 72
  • Requires Level 67, 51 Dex, 51 Int
  • (200-250)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
  • 1% of Damage dealt by your Mines is Leeched to you as Life
  • (20-30)% reduced Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield
  • 5% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield per Power Charge
  • Lose a Power Charge each second if you have not Detonated Mines Recently

Biology is but a machine, begetting effusion of energies;
death is but a curse, that can be given... or reversed.

Machina Mitts

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