Scorpion's Call

Scorpion's Call is a unique Broadhead Arrow Quiver.

Scorpion's Call

Broadhead Arrow Quiver

  • Requires Level 57
  • Adds 6 to 12 Physical Damage to Bow Attacks
  • +(20-40) to Dexterity
  • (150.1-199.9) Life Regenerated per Second while in Blood Stance
  • (40-60)% increased Projectile Damage while in Blood Stance
  • +(701-1000) to Evasion Rating while in Sand Stance
  • (20-30)% increased Area of Effect while in Sand Stance
  • (25-30)% increased Attack Speed if you've changed Stance Recently

Claws open, brace for a bite. Stinger raised, dodge or die.

Scorpion's Call

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