Shavronne's Revelation

Shavronne's Revelation is a unique Moonstone Ring.

Shavronne's Revelation

Moonstone Ring

  • Requires Level 30
  • +(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield
  • +(60-75) to Intelligence
  • Right ring slot: You cannot Regenerate Mana
  • Right ring slot: Regenerate 3% of Energy Shield per second
  • Right ring slot: +100 to maximum Mana
  • Left ring slot: You cannot Recharge or Regenerate Energy Shield
  • Left ring slot: Regenerate 40 Mana per Second
  • Left ring slot: +100 to maximum Energy Shield

"Shavronne held Sanity in her right
hand and Revelation in her left.
Brutus chose the left hand."
- Kadavrus, Surgeon to the Umbra

Shavronne's Revelation

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