Vaal Reave

Vaal Reave is a base Vaal Skill Gems item.

Vaal Reave

  • Attack, AoE, Vaal, Melee
  • Level (1-20 (Max))
  • Cost (6 Mana-6 Mana)
  • Attack Damage (200% of base-313% of base)
  • Effectiveness of Added Damage (200-313)%
  • Souls Per Use (25-25)
  • Can Store {0} Uses (3-3)
  • Soul Gain Prevention (2 sec-2 sec)
  • Attack Speed (250% of base-250% of base)
  • Requires Level 12, 21 Dex, 14 Int

Repeatedly attacks a large area in different directions. Each Vaal Reave that hits an enemy grants stages, which you will begin to lose after a short period without hitting anything. Only works with Daggers, Claws, and One-Handed Swords.

  • 0% increased Attack Speed (+0.5% per 1% Quality)
  • +(0-2) to radius
  • 50% more Area of Effect for each stage
  • Can't be Evaded
  • +4 to maximum Stages
  • Corrupted


Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Vaal Reave

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