Fairgraves Mystery Box Soundtrack is free to download


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Prepare your sound receptacles, Exiles, for Grinding Gear Games have released the Fairgraves Mystery Box soundtrack for free download! If you’re not excited yet, this might help:


Download .mp3 (lossy) and .flac (lossless).


Right?! Composed by Kamil Orman-Janowski, creator of the mind-numbingly beautiful soundtrack of Path of Exile, the track is remarkably heavy and grievous. Kamil, who initially started as a freelance composer only to join the team over at New Zealand in late 2016, has outdone himself yet again. You can find a large chunk of the Polish composer’s work over at his SoundCloud.

Here’s just another taste, with another Mystery Box tune – this time from Chaos and Order.



What about Spotify?

Kamil himself answered that same question not long ago. In a reddit thread, when asked about the Path of Exile soundtrack, he responded:

Yes, there is plan for Spotify and other streaming services.

So far the Path of Exile soundtrack has been available scantly on SoundCloud and unofficially on YouTube, with owners of Supporter Packs having access to music downloads for their own offline needs.

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