Stock Up on Wings and Back Аttachments


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It is around this time of year, when people are happily stuffed to burst and have close to zero knowledge of the day of the current day of the week (they keep changing), that interesting little deals start to pop up like mushrooms.

Shortly after finding a Fairgraves Mystery Box chucked under their Path of Exile tree, players are now greeted with a bedazzling sale, perfectly in tune with the shining holiday spirit.

All Wing and Back Attachment micro-transactions currently active in the Path of Exile store, excluding those introduced after content update 3.5.0 – Betrayal, are now offered with a hearty discount. The offer is valid through the end of this year.

Take a look at our favourite ones below and get yours here.

Tentacle Wings:

Necrotic Wings:

Sin and Innocence Cloak

Verdant Wings:

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