NeverSink's Itemfilter ver. 6.65


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It seems that NeverSink is well on his way to full recovery after last year’s unfortunate biking mishap. So well, in fact, that he’s even managed to release a new version of his much appreciated Itemfilter, followed by a swift hotfix.

The update focuses on Path of Exile’s latest economy trends, targeting uniques, divination cards, prophecies (new) and fossils, while completely revamping Shaper/Elder economy tiering.

Full 6.65 changelog below:

  • Added a small prophecy tierlist. It currently only features T1 and T2 prophecies.
  • Improved and launched the Shaper/Elder tiering pipeline. The filter should be much more reliable (and strict) when it comes to shaper/elder tiering.
  • Adjusted the Unique and Divi cards tierlists
  • T1 Shaper/Elder items now make the Divine Orb tier noise, instead of the exalted orb noise. They get to keep the white background for now.
  • Elder Maps now correctly make the Divine Orb tier noise.
  • Improved the fossil tiering a tiny bit
  • Non-unique 6L body armors now only make the exalted orb noise if they’re not corrupted. Corrupted body armours make the divine orb noise.
  • Slightly improved the highlighting of magic items with certain mod combinations
  • Overqualitied equipment items are now only highlighted at 29+ quality, since hillock can provide a 28% quality improvement (+ fossils).
  • Other minor adjustments.

NeverSink has also hinted at the possibility of a self-updating utility for his itemfilter.

You can download the latest version on FilterBlade and learn more about the update here.

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