Can You Reach Level 85 in Time?


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It’s time to stock up on food and drinks! Kammell, popular Path of Exile player, known for hosting the Kammell Races, is at it again!

This time around, players should buddy up, as the latest race’s format is Betrayal Hardcore duo! Teams of two will have to fight tooth and nail to reach level 85, although it’s enough if only one person of a pair reaches the finish line. Trading is allowed only between players in a group, and at least one of the two must broadcast the party’s adventure.

The race will begin at 11am Saturday 26th (PST) with casting performed by ZiggyD and Octavian.

Kammell has thrown in the initial $100 in the cash prize pool (winners get 50/50 each) and everybody is welcome to contribute further.

Learn more about the event, how to participate and where to spectate over at Kammell’s official post.

Good luck!

Good luck!

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