Grinding Gear Games Drop Path of Exile Support for Windows XP and Vista


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Starting with content update 3.6.0, Path of Exile will no longer run on Windows XP and Vista. According to Grinding Gear Games, about 0.1% of the game’s playerbase relies on the aforementioned operating systems – users are therefore advised to update their OS in the coming weeks prior to the update (due in March).

Along with the deprecated operating systems, the Auckland-based developer is going to drop support for DirectX 9, which has been on the market for nearly 2 decades.

GGG are well aware of the fact that many DirectX 11-able players choose to make the DirectX 9 switch due to the fact that the latter allows users to switch off shadows in exchange for better performance – the handy “hack” is mentioned in many a guide. However, the studio has worked to ensure the latest renderer has fast shadows in order to make up for the soon-to-be-removed feature.

Players are also advised to use the 64-bit version of the Path of Exile client whenever possible. In case you’re having doubts about your version, go ahead and check out this article.

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