NeverSink's Itemfilter ver. 6.6.6 Is More Diabolical Than Ever


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It appears that NeverSink had a pretty good reason for holding off version 6.6.6 of his renowned itemfilter for so long – awesome new features galore!

Aside from the usual economy-related updates, the provided changelog is also awe-inspiring:

  • Retiered unique items.
  • Retiered divination cards. Several specific unique divination cards have been pushed down to T5
  • Sacrificed all unbelievers to Bex
  • Added a Kitava tierlist
  • Put a curse on all mobiles. You guys better don’t have phones.
  • Prayed to RNGSatan.

The big badaboom of this update, however, includes which now offers:

Do refer to NeverSink’s reddit post for more details.

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