Chris Wilson to Speak at GDC 2019


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San Francisco will once again open its doors to the annual Game Developers Conference this March. This year, we can expect to see one particularly familiar face among the ranks of speakers.

Grinding Gear Games’ very own Chris Wilson will walk the stage and discuss the lively topic of “Designing ‘Path of Exile’ to Be Played Forever”. According to the GDC session page, Chris will “describe how ‘Path of Exile’ has been designed to retain and grow its community for the very long term”:

  • how to structure releases into seasons with predictable release dates and scope;
  • how to re-use content for rapid development;
  • how to use procedural generation to keep content from feeling stale;
  • how to employ multiple overlapping axes of randomness for additional replayability;
  • how to design deep gameplay systems that keep players engaged;
  • how to grow a community over a long period of time;

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