Storm Burst Undergoes Extreme Changes


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Storm Burst, a projectile-based channeling skill revealed in July 2017, is about to receive “the most extreme changes” of any other skill in content update 3.6.0.

The second skill rework to walk the path of physical to elemental conversion (as is the case with the new Flame Totem) has players divided in their reception.

Read the full details of the rework below:

While you channel Storm Burst, orbs of lightning are created around your target. While you channel, they jump towards your target and release bursts of damage. By moving where you target while you channel, you can direct them to enemies to create a swarm of electric death.

They’ll last for a few seconds, but if you stop channelling then the orbs will detonate immediately in a large area, dealing a portion of their remaining damage. This lets short casts deal damage quickly in a sizeable area, while long casts have higher overall damage as more orbs are created and deal their damage over their full duration.

The skill is no longer projectile based, removing the requirement of additional projectiles supports. Instead the skill will focus on being an area and duration skill. It now deals Physical damage with half converted to Lightning, to fit with its new divine aesthetic. Because of these changes the skill now benefits from some changes to the Elemental passives near the Templar that now benefit spells that convert Physical to Fire or Lightning damage.

To compare, here’s Storm Burst during its reveal 2 years ago:

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