Bask in Sunlight or Plunge into Darkness with the Synthesis Supporter Packs


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With the Betrayal Supporter Packs gone from Path of Exile store shelves forever, there’s a new exclusive sheriff in town. Four of them, naturally.

As before, the latest round of league-specific Supporter Packs features two themes with two tiers each.

The first is the heavenly Sunspire Pack priced at $60 with its lower Sunstone tier at $30.

Then we have the ghastly Doomguard Supporter Pack ($60) and the Doomcrow tier ($30).

You might have noticed something new among the usual number of cosmetics, badges and music. Both the Doomguard and Sunspire Supporter Packs offer their very own Hideout, which is a first in Path of Exile.

If either one caught your fancy, or you’d simply like to support Grinding Gear Games in their endeavours, go ahead and visit the Supporter Packs shop page.

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