Meet Zealotry & Malevolence


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Grinding Gear Games have teased two new auras to be released alongside Path of Exile: Synthesis.

The first one, Zealotry, is a new holy-themed aura which provides more spell damage, a small increase to spell critical chance, and a chance to create Consecrated Ground on hitting a rare or unique enemy. As Consecrated Ground now increases the chance to be critically hit on enemies within it, this further increases players’ critical chance. The aura is supposed to go quite well with the improved Inquisitor Ascendancy, which has some new effects for Consecrated Ground, like letting the Consecrated Ground continue to apply its effects for a few seconds after players, their allies or enemies leave its zone.

Then there’s Malevolence, an arcane-themed aura, providing more damage over time with a small bonus to skill effect duration. It should go well with chaos skills such as Soulrend, but the damage bonus affects all damage over time effects (Scorching Ray), damaging ailments (Ignite, Poison), and cold damage over time abilities (Arctic Breath).

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