Path of Exile 3.7 Announcement Set for 21st May


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We now have an exact announcement date for the latest expansion of Path of Exile, courtesy of Bex, Grinding Gear Games Head Community Manager:

The fan theory machine began churning out ideas regarding the name and theme of 3.7, picking “Carnage” as a possible teaser following the “trollish” history of the community manager.

According to statements by GGG employees, Path of Exile 3.7 is expected to be a much simpler experience than recent mechanic-rich expansions, such as Betrayal and Synthesis, due to time constraints surrounding other projects the studio is currently focused on: a decision the majority of the playerbase can agree with and has, in fact, asked for. The expansion will also target the melee side of combat, confirmed to receive a major overhaul to the way close-range combat looks, feels and works.

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