Kammell Announces June ExileCon Qualifier Race


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The second contender for the ExileCon throne will be decided in June during Kammell’s next SSFHC Race.

As you may already know, four of the best Path of Exile players in the world will face off on ExileCon’s main stage come November. The players are selected during special qualifiers throughout the year, and last week we learned the name of the first victor when tie23he came in first in Beat eSports’ Path of Exile Invitational.

The race, which will take place on June 29th, will be open participation with a maximum capacity of 2000 players. While some details are still undecided, we do know that the player who ranks first will be the one to win the ExileCon VIP package, which will allow him admittance into the grand finale. The private league will be hardcore solo self-found (HCSSF), and based on Path of Exile 3.7 (details regarding the expansion to be announced on 21st May) with no additional mods.

As usual, Kammell has started the prize pool with an initial $100, and everyone is welcome to chip in. The prizes will be broken down as follows:

  1. Rank 1: 40% of prize pool + ExileCon VIP package
  2. Rank 2: 25% of prize pool
  3. Rank 3: 15% of prize pool
  4. Rank 4: 10% of prize pool
  5. Rank 5: 10% of prize pool

Kammell adds that there will be no race this month (May), due to time constraints and a much-needed break from organizing the monthly community event. You can check Kammell’s original post regarding the event on reddit.

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