Legion Boss Rework: Act One Encounters Preview


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As you may have heard, Path of Exile: Legion (set to launch on the 7th of June) will bring a massive melee overhaul to the 6-year-old action RPG.

Path of Exile’s melee has long been deemed “clunky”, and has no doubt managed to dissuade many a new player from venturing further into an already incredibly complex game (good thing for guides, huh?). Among improved AI, animations, feedback, visuals and skills, Grinding Gear Games seem to also have done a decent job at giving players the ability to properly dodge and prepare for incoming attacks (judging by the previews we’ve so far seen).

According to Natalia, Community Manager at GGG, “all of the Act One bosses have had a review of their AI and effects”, further adding that some more outdated encounters have underwent more substantial changes.

Get a glimpse into the new and improved Act 1 bosses and encounters below:

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