Last Chance to Participate in Synthesis Flashback Event


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As the end of the Synthesis league draws near, so does the conclusion of the Synthesis Flashback event.

On June 3rd, 3 AM PDT / 12 PM CET, the Synthesis challenge league will come to a close (for PC users, as console players will get two enjoy the league up until the launch of Legion on June 7th), bringing the Synthesis Flashback event down with it. This means players still have a nice long weekend to complete any last league challenge rewards or make sure to harden their positions on the Synthesis Flashback ladders and various draws.

You can learn more about the Synthesis challenge league rewards, read an overview of the Synthesis Flashback event or check out our hand-picked builds for the occasion – Part I covers the Scion, Witch and Ranger, and Part II covers the Marauder, Duelist, Templar and Shadow.

Good luck, Exiles!

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