24 Hours to Go Until Players Jump into the Timeless Conflict of Path of Exile: Legion


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Path of Exile’s content update 3.7.0 introduces Legion – an expansion dedicated to the timeless war of 5 mighty legions led by the 5 mightiest leaders in Wraeclastian history.



Among new items, skills and the usual slew of passive tree and ability tweaks, Legion stirs excitement thanks to two main points – the grand overhaul of all things Melee, and the appearance of Monoliths, portals to the aforementioned time-locked battle.

The Melee overhaul affects animations, feedback, monster AI and the overall feel of close-ranged combat. Early-game boss encounters are reworked (some – from the ground up) to meet current standards and to also better allow players the utilize an improved dodge mechanic: stronger, but more telegraphed attacks alert players of incoming threats, while the ability to cancel out of animations at a moment’s notice allows for quick maneuvering outside danger territory. Melee attacks will now damage multiple foes, and the visual range of attacks will be improved to accurately display affected enemies.



Monoliths, on the other hand, will spawn randomly throughout Wraeclast. Once tagged, a timer is set off and the player is given the option of “unfreezing” a number of time-locked warriors: as many as he wants, or as many as he can. Once the times runs out, the freed warriors take arms against you. The better the selection and number of foes – the better the rewards.

More seasoned players can then proceed to enter the realm of the Timeless Conflict itself by collecting Splinters from the fallen warriors in order to create an Emblem – one for each of the five Legions. Placing two or more such Emblems into a Map Device grants access to the Domain where the chosen fractions skirmish against each other.


Monoliths are glimpses into the Timeless conflict


Incubators are another new addition to Path of Exile. This new currency type lets you incubate useful items while you cut down enemies – it’s a win/win. Incubators are applied to a piece of gear, and once you reach the necessary number of kills, a random item of a predefined type is spawned. For example, the Blacksmith Incubator, once having its requirements fulfilled (1000 enemies killed), will drop a random unique weapon.

The Legion supporter Packs are also live – the 2-tiered Blood Guardian & Cult of Apocalypse Packs offer their own unique twists, and seem a fitting addition to the gallery of past supporter gear.



You can check out the patch notes for 3.7.0, if you want the full details to… everything, peer into the Legion Balance Development Manifesto for some insight into the why’s and how’s of the various rebalancing decisions, and, lastly, keep your eyes peeled for our favourite league starter recommendations for Path of Exile: Legion.

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