Lacerate and Perforate - Melee Destruction in Sand and Blood Stances


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We already know of Bloodstorm, the Gladiator-themed skill coming in Path of Exile: Legion, which makes use of Sand and Blood Stances to enhance its effects in different deadly ways.

While Lacerate is a pre-existing skill, which has been reworked in order to join in on the Blood/Sand Stance mechanic, Perforate is a brand new introduction, already a favourite candidate for Melee league-starter builds.

Same as with Bladestorm, Blood Stance seems to favour focusing on a smaller number of targets in close range, while Sand is better used for multiple targets spread across a larger area.


Typically, Lacerate Lacerate creates slashes once to the left and once to the right. The attack inflicts average damage in two cones going both directions, but the place where the slashes overlap in the middle is a very good damage-dealing sweet spot.

Blood Stance:
Lacerate Blood Stance

Using Lacerate in Blood Stance has a change to apply bleed as well as inflict bleeding damage. The skill will now start off in Blood Stance by default.

Sand Stance:
Lacerate Sand Stance

While in Sand Stance, Lacerate will perform much wider slashes, giving players a larger area of damage, as well as a larger area where slashes overlap.


Perforate is simply introduced as a new “low level” skill.

Blood Stance:
Perforate Blood Stance

Same as with Lacerate, players start off in Blood Stance by default. While in Blood Stance, striking the ground creates multiple blood spikes which burst through the ground, dealing damage via many hits to closer targets.

Sand Stance:
Perforate Sand Stance

Sand Stance’s Perforate creates spikes, which start at the player and spread outwards, hitting enemies in a wide area.

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