GGG Accepting Suggestions for New Path of Exile Community Competition


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Path of Exile fans have been itching for a new community competition ever since Legion’s announcement. Despite the unusually high number of client crashes following the new league’s launch, the 3.7 content update is universally well received: it raked in a peak PC player concurrency of 224,000 on launch day and remains a top 10 game on Twitch more than two weeks after the fact.

The last community competition ended more than a month ago and invited players to show their love and appreciation for the finest Beastmaster of them all, Einhar, in an all-inclusive talent contest.

Now, Grinding Gear Games is ready to host a new competition, and needs players’ input to do so:

The most popular suggestions so far seem to revolve around creating unique concepts for new Ascendancies, uniques and characters, as well as hosting a short story contest.
… And then there are some cheeky players suggesting it may be a better idea to host an internal bug-fixing contest. Tee-hee?

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