Path of Exile: Legion Class Statistics Three Weeks Into the New League


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Grinding Gear Games has shared some interesting player statistics regarding the most popular Ascendancy picks, which really show the true colours of the Legion League. As you may already know, Legion was developed with melee in mind, carrying an enormous overhaul to all thing close range. Did it work though?

Spoiler: heck yeah!

The Duelist has topped the chart for the first time in a while, and the Marauder isn’t far behind either. The Slayer appears to have become an all-round favourite, with more than a quarter of all level 70+ characters and more than a third of all level 90+ characters having ascended into Slayers. The Trickster remains a popular pick yet another League, especially thanks to the synergy between Essence Drain/Contagion builds and the Legion (the very build Furty relied on when he made 5th place in Legion SSF), and actually beats the Slayer in the Hardcore League, where survivability is much more important. As for non-trade leagues – not many differences there, with Slayers and Tricksters taking the chart hand by hand.

You can check out Path of Exile’s official website for the full Legion class statistic rundown.

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