xLeaf Wins VIP Package in Kammell's ExileCon Qualifier Race


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Kammell’s latest Level 80 SSFHC race became the second ExileCon qualifier event, after Beat’s Path of Exile Invitational held in the beginning of May.

For the uninitiated, Kammell is a popular figure in the Path of Exile community, having organized multiple racing events, most often going out of pocket to start each race’s cash prize pool. This time around, Grinding Gear Games joined in on the fun, adding one more prize of their own – winner gets not just the juiciest share of the cash, but also wins a VIP trip to ExileCon, as well as a seat on the main stage for the Grand Racing Finale.

Funny thing that. First place did indeed pocket 40% of the total prize pool, but the VIP package went to the runner-up, xLeaf.

  1. Tie23he – 4h46m – 40% of Prize Pool
  2. xLeaf – 4h50m – 25% of Prize Pool + ExileCon VIP Package
  3. tytykiller – 5h25m – 15% of Prize Pool
  4. TowerBrah – 10% of Prize Pool
  5. Zabber5th – 10% of Prize Pool

Why? Because Tie23he already won himself an invitation to ExileCon during Beat’s Kitava race, thus granting xLeaf, being his runner-up by a mere 4 minutes, the prestigious pass. Quite the twist!

Interestingly, this is the second time in a roll Tie23he’s won a Kammell-organized race, last one being in April.

The next ExileCon qualifier is yet to be announced, with a total of two more remaining before November’s ExileCon.

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