Furnish Your Own Fairy Tale Home with the Enchanting Glimmerwood Hideout


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The entire contents of last League’s Glimmerwood Mystery Box have spilled into the Path of Exile store!

Glimmerwood was whimsical and dark, birthed from some of the creepier Brothers Grimm tales, and finally there’s no longer need to gamble for your favourite bits of the two (but really – three) sets, as you can now directly purchase whatever your fluorescent mushroom heart desires. To make the deal even sweeter, Grinding Gear Games have added a new bit of microtransactional goodness in the form of a Glimmerwood-inspired Hideout.

The enchanted forest features its very own little hut and it’s everything you need in order to lure some unsuspecting wolves with the promise of eating a grandma.

Hurry up and get your faery fix on the Path of Exile store.

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