New Path of Exile Video-Making Contest Is Open for Participation


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A couple of weeks ago” Grinding Gear Games posted an inquiry on their Twitter page, asking players what kind of fan contest they’d like to see next.

While most suggestions seemed to revolve around concept art, it appears that the idea of a video-making competition rang truest in the hearts of our favourite kiwi devs.

How can I participate in the video-making competition?

What’s the deadline?

  • Monday the 5th of August at 5pm (NZT)

Any rules I should be aware of?

  • Multiple submissions are welcome and encouraged.
  • The video must be your own and must be created specifically for this contest.
  • If you’re creating a mash-up of other people’s videos, make sure you ask permission first.

How will the winners be determined?

Your video will be rated by how clearly it refers to Path of Exile and how compelling or entertaining it is.

Neat! What can I win though?

Top Three:

4th to 10th place:


  • 250 points

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