Zizaran Partners with GGG, Method to Bring Third ExileCon Qualifier Race


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The third qualifier race for the ExileCon Grand Finale has been announced! Zizaran, who started his streaming career in 2015, will be hosting the latest qualifier event, a SSFHC race to kill the Queen of the Vaal.

Grinding Gear Games will chip in by providing the winner of the race with a VIP package to ExileCon, as well as admission into the race finale on the main stage, while Method will be supporting the race with prizes for the runners-up, including travel and accommodation for ExileCon for the one who places second.

Method made their first steps into the Path of Exile scene in the beginning of this year, signing Zizaran as well as nugiyen, Havoc, and Steelmage just before the launch of content update 3.6, Synthesis.

Tie23he and xLeaf are the first two players with guaranteed seats at the ExileCon main stage come November.

When does the race start?

  • 27th July, 1:00 PM PST.

What is the format?

  • Hardcore Solo-Self Found, first to kill Atziri, Queen of the Vaal in The Apex of Sacrifice.

How can I participate?

  • You’ll be able to join the event under the character selection screen once it becomes available.

What can I win?

First place:

  • VIP ExileCon Ticket (Access to the convention and VIP dinner).
  • Flights to New Zealand.
  • Accommodation for the convention weekend.
  • Entrance into the ExileCon race event finale.

Second place – provided by Method:

  • Regular ExileCon convention ticket.
  • Flights to New Zealand.
  • Accommodation for the convention weekend.

Third place – provided by MSI:

  • Optix MAG271CQR Monitor

4th-8th place – provided by Corsair:

  • NIGHTSWORD Mouse, MM350 Mouse Pad, VOID PRO

Where can I watch the race?

What are the best builds for the job?

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