Top 5 Builds for Zizaran's ExileCon 2019 Qualifier Race


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The third ExileCon 2019 qualifier race will take place several hours from now, this time hosted by Method’s Zizaran!

First place in the HCSSF race will make an appearance on the ExileCon main stage for the grand finale with a full VIP travel and accommodations package. You can learn more about the race, prizes and format here, and below we’ve listed our top 5 build picks for the occasion!

  • The Lacerate Gladiator Build is a very promising choice for the race! Lacerate Lacerate can reach great heights on a tight budget, achieving as much as ~2.5 million DPS in average gear. Despite its quick and cheap start, the Lacerate Gladiator can become a proper end-game giant that can deal with virtually any boss and clear with ease.
  • The Lightning Trapper Saboteur Build specializes in throwing hard-hitting, lightning-based traps to destroy both bosses and entire packs. Lightning trapLightning Trap Lightning Trap will be your drug of choice, with Lightning Spire Trap Lightning Spire Trap on a big cooldown for powerful takedowns. Gearing mostly focuses on pieces with life and elemental resistances, but is as a whole lax with its requirements.
  • The Bleed Earthquake Gladiator deals tons of Physical damage, choosing Earthquake Earthquake for its go-to attack. Good at handling all kinds of content, the Bleed Earthquake Gladiator inflicts heavy Bleed effects upon foes and relies on Leap Slam Leap Slam to move freely. Blood Rage Blood Rage will also be accompanying you wherever you go.

Good luck, Exile!

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