Le Toucan’t: The End of a Beloved Copypasta


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Not all heroes wear capes. Some are clad in feathers and ASCII, and fight for glory and freedom of speech!

As of content update 3.7.4b, a certain avian critter will no longer be pestering Path of Exile players in chat.


Attempts to use the popular copypasta result in the following error: “Unacceptable message contents. Please only use standard ASCII characters in this channel.” Prior to the change, spamming Path of Exile with word of the colourful bird’s arrival would simply call upon the wrath of moderators and cause a temporary trip to the mute corner.

The change is most likely done as a move to battle RMT (real money trading) bots.

Bex, Community Director of Path of Exile, also had something to say about it, having been vocal in the past on her dislike of the tropical bird:

Was pasting the toucan in chat childish? Oh, yes, very! But it did bring a devious giggle to many.

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    Pour one out for Le Toucan.

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