Grinding Gear Games Announces Lineup of Streamers and Content Creators Attending ExileCon


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ExileCon is the just around the corner, promising to shower visitors with interesting panels, demos, meet&greets, and, last but not least, announcements for both content update 3.9.0 and the 4.0.0 mega expansion.

Grinding Gear Games have now confirmed a number of special attendees from the Path of Exile scene, such as streamers and content creators: Kripparrian, NeverSink, Engineering Eternity, Quin69, Rhykker, Zizaran, Mathil, Raiz, Nugiyen, Havoc, Tarkecat, ZiggyD and Amie. In addition, people will have a chance to meet a number of Path of Exile voice-actors, as well as Diablo creators David Brevik and Max & Erich Schaefer.

A reminder has also been included in the announcement for those wishing to visit the convention in Auckland, New Zealand: most “overseas travellers must apply for an “NZeTA(New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – Apply for NZeTA) in advance of their trip.

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