Legion Enters the Lineup of Core Game Mechanics


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It has now been confirmed that starting content update 3.8.0, Legion will be added as a core game mechanic.

Timeless Monoliths will soon have a 10% chance of spawning on a map, with additional encounters possible thanks to other sources, and Incubators will have even more variety than before. Legion encounters via Zana mods will also be added, albeit at a later stage of the game’s development (not 3.8.0).

Legion content will be accessible via:

  • Sextant Affixes
  • Legion Scarabs
  • Behind walls in Azurite Mine
  • A room in the Temple of Atzoatl
  • As rewards from Safehouses by Vagan (Betrayal) in the shape of Scarabs and Splinters

Players will also see a number of changes in Legion rewards:

To that end, we have increased the rewards for the first cycle of monsters, reducing them each revive cycle. Rewards from Legion Generals will not diminish, but the rewards from other monsters will diminish. We will not be adding a diminishing return for experience gained from the ongoing encounters.

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